• Pink Slime Bankruptcy Hinders US Cattle Beef Processor AFA Foods Industry, Are Media Washed Housewives to Blame Again?

    April 3, 2012 2:36 am 5 comments
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  • American housewives are reaping what they have sown but do not want to atone for their transgressions.  Pink slime bankruptcy is the talk of the day that every American concerned about the economy must know about.

    Several months ago, we helped expose that lazy housewives were forcing the cattle industry to produce a product called ‘pink slime’, a mechanically processed meat agent that allows quick production of foodstuffs like chicken, beef and hot dogs.  The slime can be molded into any form and with just a few touches of ammonia and coloring, can look like a legitimately packaged form of meat.

    All of this came to a head when leaked pictures that allegedly showed McDonald’s old ‘pink slime’ factory producing chicken nuggets hit Pinterest.com, TotallyLoveIt.com and MomLovesIt.com, the unholy triumvirate mecca of American women and housewives.  The shocking images have caused massive guilt and resultant protest from not only housewives, but all parents in the US.  As a result, the pink slime bankruptcy has taken place and now puts pressure on fast food restaurants to use more expensive alternatives to meat.

    Pink slime bankruptcy

    Pink slime that was used to make chicken nuggets.

    What many people still fail to realize is that many packaged meats at the store are primarily the pink slime that has caused all the fuss.  Therefore, the pink slime bankruptcy may soon cause prices in the local markets to national chains like Kroger and Wal-mart to increase, which is touch in a near bankrupt US economy like we have now.

    The leading US ground-beef processor and powerful arm of The Cattle Industry, AFA foods, today sadly filed for bankruptcy protection.  A big part of the loss is the wild liberal media coverage of the dubbed ‘pink slime’ product that it produced.

    Officially, AFA Foods released “given recent changes in the market for its ground beef products and media coverage related to Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings (BLBT)”, it was forced to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

    The sensational part of the story is that people are getting fussy over a little ammonia being used to safely treat the meat.  E. coli can be deadly, so if pink slime needs a little ammonia washed over it to make it pure, so bet it.   If E. coli were to suddenly be found in massive amounts in pink slime, everyone would cry and say why was it not prevented, demanding ammonia be dumped by the vatload.

    Fickle left-wing media and alarmist public aside, the BLBT food has been safely used for years.  The beef trimmings it is comprised of is usually used in cooking oil and pet food, though it is added to ground beef as a low-cost filler, so that American can more readily afford beef at a lower product cost.

    All the ruckus has put the entire industry in jeopardy.  Though most schools are still feeding your children pink slime since the government allows them to continue to purchase the low cost alternative to pure beef, over a quarter million parents have organized a lobby to force the USDA to prohibit the product in school lunches.  Liberal media is claiming that the USDA’s National School Lunch program feeds over 31 million students who come from mainly low income families.

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