• Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza, Proves British Ruin Everything

    April 10, 2012 1:46 pm 46 comments
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  • United Kingdom opens Pizza Hut franchises, immediately offer hot dog stuffed crust pizza with mustard drizzle.

    London, United Kingdom – The British continue to ruin every good thing about America.    Today the Redcoat misfits were allowed to open Pizza Hut in their tiny little country.  But, surprise, surprise, they have already ruined it.  If it’s not bad enough that they charge a 80 poundspence (about a two dimes and a quarter in American really money) tarriff on a slice, it’s twice as worse that they infuse each slice with hot dog stuffed crust pizza with mustard drizzled nastiness!  It sounds like what would happen to your colon if you passed out in a musky Tijuana hookerhomo bar!

    Look at this filth!


    What really sickens me here is the innuendos.  “Succulent”  “Succulent Hot DOG”  “Succulent Hot Dog Stuffed Crust”

    It’s all homogay redcoat red rocket dallywag.  We all know the statistics.

    For ever 7 British males, 4 are homosexuals.  Considering that globally for every one homosexuals, four children get dallied in the rockslider, we can see why the British people are so anal retentive!  Sickos!

    I can only hope Pizza Hut America will read this article and demand Britain Pizza Huts all closed!  It’s not like they could make a proper slice as is.

    I will be reporting this pizza hut hot dog stuffed crust pizza to Pizza Hut headquarters and demanding they shut it down!

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