• Rapper Snoop Dogg Gets Race Assignment Surgery after Battle with Vitiligo, Is Now a White Person

    April 2, 2012 3:55 pm 30 comments
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  • Rapper Snoop Doggy Dog (Calvin Broadus) comes out and confesses to having what’s known in celebrity media as the Michael Jackson Disease, but what’s known to doctors as a serious, real disorder of the auto-immune system that’s represented by the loss of the melanin pigment.

    Hollywood, California – Vitiligo is now becoming more of a household name and as such, celebrities are starting to embrace their conversion into more fair-skinned, straight-haired people that the media can adore.  Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg, pictured above, has completely undergone race reassignment surgery and is now actually a phenotypic Caucasion due to the disorder.

    The first big celebrity to have vitiligo was the singer Michael Jackson.  Having his stardom in the days before the internet, Jackson saw his reputation sullied with allegations of choosing to ‘bleach’ himself to appear more white.  Sadly, some of my relatives who work at Newscorp were behind many of those stories.

    Rapper Snoop Dogg began to psychologically prepare for his race transformation by getting cutesy Curly Sue wringlets put in his hair, so that later in life he'd be better adjusted to non-kinky surgical hair to match his new skin.

    The truth is that like many other people, Michael Jackson actually did suffer from vitiligo.  It is a a genetic autoimmune condition where the body attacks it melanocytes, effectively causing a ‘bleaching’ effect evidenced more readily in African-Americans who can no longer make melanin.  While the thoracic, groin and abdominal core region are usually first affected by the condition, the hands and face also quickly loss pigment.  For someone in Hollywood, the effects of having a ‘zebra’ appearance can hurt the career and therefore, bleaching is done to even out skin tone.

    There is no treatment for vitiligo and it’s great to see rapper Snoop Dogg adjusting so proudly and so well.  He cleans up very nicely and is allegedly looking to ‘branch out’ into more tasteful, respectful forms of music that’s more palatable to the taste and ears of his newly adopted race.

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