• Science Proves Caucasians most Beautiful of all

    April 26, 2012 6:30 pm 89 comments
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    (chrisTwire)—Science and Caucasians have had a pretty good run as a team. Other than peanut byproducts and fireworks, white people pretty much are science. Now science is once again proving what we have known all along. Caucasian people are simply more attractive than those peoples.

    18-year-old student Florence Colgate won the natural beauty contest because she had the perfect face with the “optimum ratio” between her eyes, mouth, forehead and chin, judges said.

    Not surprisingly, she is blonde, has blue eyes, is thin, and has white skin.

    The contest, sponsored by Lorraine Cosmetics, did not accept entrants who had undergone plastic surgery and judged contestants without makeup. Colgate was chosen as one of three finalists of nearly 8,000 entries, and then won the title in a public vote.

    “My family and friends told me to enter because I don’t really wear a lot of makeup,” Colgate told “Good Morning America.” “Obviously my family has always said that ‘you’re beautiful,’ but that’s just because they’re biased slightly.”

    “I’m quite a humble person,” she said. “I don’t really feel any different really.”

    “It’s amazing that someone can work out your scientific measurements and decide whether you’re beautiful or not,” she said.

    In other news…

    Boston Maintains its Reputation for Most Racist City in the World

    Last night in hockey, Washington Capitals player Joel Ward scored in sudden death overtime of Game seven and eliminated the Boston Bruins. This alone really isn’t news, but Ward is black. And in Boston, that is a problem.

    Boston is widely accepted as the most Racist city in the world. Years After Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and even though every other team had embraced blacks in baseball, Boston still held out. Boston was the last city of its size in America to integrate its public schools and to this day rich Bostonians are proud of their white private schools their children go to.

    According to the Boston Globe: Racist Boston fans took to twitter last night in droves. Some Twitter users posted reactions that used vulgar terms and racist expressions in reference to Ward, who is black.

    Several web sites, including Chirpstory and Black Sports Online, collected offensive tweets from around the country, and the reactions have been a talking point on sports radio and the blogosphere.
    Ward told USA Today that the messages were “shocking to see, but it didn’t ruin my day.”

    Added Ward to the paper: “It doesn’t faze me at all. We won, and we are moving on. … People are going to say what they want to say.”



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