• Selena Gomez Ad is Marinated in Fragrance Sin, Stabs Justin Bieber in Back

    April 30, 2012 10:01 pm 8 comments
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    The new Selena Gomez ad proves what we’ve all known for two decades now:  the devilmistress has the same scent pheremones as the artist formerly known as Prince.   The Mexican singer is wet and posing, arching her back at such angles that it makes morally weak men stamp their feet and get all excited, screeching and scooting all around as their eyes roll into the back of their head like that autistic boy John Mayer.

    But what we have here is just so horrible.  Selena Gomez tries to call herself a family woman and loyal to Justin Bieber, yet we see she gussies herself all up in royal purple and soaks her camasol in super wet water.   This type of thing stabs Justin Bieber in the back.  His woman is showing off her body to everyone else.

    Disney stars used to be wholesome and moral.  Now, we see that the fish tank and arched back to make the milk sacks promiment look is common for all the Disney stars. 

    If you look at the bottle, you will notice it also has ‘lips’ and it’s of the Sally Jessy variety!  Not the face!  Selena Gomez stated, “I wanted it to be tall so it stands out.”  Flussy!

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