• Should Atheists Be Allowed to Celebrate Good Friday, Easter and Other Christian Holidays

    April 2, 2012 3:24 pm 87 comments
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  • Unbeknownst to many, the word holiday itself is a product of Christian culture.  “Holy Days”, or holydays, are special days of the Judeo-Christian Julian calendar meant to denote special ceremony or tradition that are dear to humanity.  Through the times of old, these traditions have been unchallenged and enjoyed by all people, but there is a growing problem in America and lesser socialist nations like Russia and China.  In these places, there is a new institution called ‘atheism’ that is ruining not only ruining and exploiting Christian holidays, but also destroying the core foundation of civilized humanity itself.

    In the year 2000, atheists declared an all out war on the words "Holidays", trying to litigate the word write out of American vernacular with childish phrases like Seasons Greetings or Merry Xmas. Fortunately, President George W. Bush saw to it and not only dismantled their plan to destroy holidays, but also killed the notion that Christmas is about Santa Claus by allowed all American schools learn the nativity.

    Atheists are greedy. Many places of work have a strong Catholic and proper Christian tradition, meaning they will adjust work and allow religious participants to have Good Friday and Easter off from work.

    Atheists — who devote their life to torturing Christians — have the audacity to celebrate our holidays.  At my place of business, an atheist man bragged that he was taking advantage of our ‘Good Friday Rule’ because if he did not get the day off, he would use it as grounds for discrimination lawsuit.

    And it goes beyond that.  Every year, Pastor Jack Gould receives countless hurtful, mean-spirited zombie Jesus jokes from atheists.  Why would people who claim to be friendly and nice do such things?

    Atheists definitely have to grounds to celebrate Christmas, the day that commemorates the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Yet, every year, we see them proudly taking to the stores and trying to loudmouth that Santa is the reason for the season, when we Christians know that Santa is just a juxtaposed anagram of Satan.

    The true reason for the season and all holidays is The Lord.  Even Halloween, which used to be a Christian holiday, was stolen by atheists and turned into a night of atheist strangers plying candy with LSD and Quaaludes, luring trick-or-treaters into homes full of mind-bending noises, Satanic screeches and illegal dark room touches.  They call these ‘Haunted Houses’ places of fun, but they are nothing but dens of atheist Sodom and Gomorrah musks coalescing into a poignant reminder of why us Christians cannot let atheists corrupt our holidays.

    Just imagine what atheists would do if they took over Christmas, like they did Halloween.

    Friends, we must not allow atheists to keep ruining our days.  If they want to spend all the other days of the years being hurtful and detrimental to the progress of morality in this world, then they do not get to take place in our special days.

    Atheists should get no holiday off work.  If they want part in nothing holy, then let them shoulder the burden of a world without holy days or principles.

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