• Should Cats Become The New Mouse?

    April 2, 2012 2:34 am 26 comments
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  • Cats are oft times called good pets, when the fact of the matter is quite the opposite. In the image above, look at the proud, smug look on the face of the cat. It thinks it has done the owner a favor by making heart-shaped waste in its litter.

    Just as a wise flocker stated, a dog will think, “Wow! He gives me a home, always feeds me, plays with me and takes care of me. He must be God!” a cat will think, “Wow! It gives me a home, always feeds me, plays with me and takes care of me. I must be god!”

    Cats are unpleasant creatures. They are lowly and they carry diseases that can wreck havoc upon your body’s immune system. Cats are potentially more dangerous to a woman’s womb than a drunk Obama with a hanger and let’s face it, we’ve all heard the horror stories of how cats enjoy suffocating a baby to get just a scent of Mommy’s milk. As society evolves in a point forward basis, we must begin to see that maybe it’s not mice who are our main villainous vermin, but rather, cats.

    Cats are deceptively fast and can feign with the most startling of agility.  It is a good idea to keep a tranquilizer gun or Taser available when trying to trap a cat, in case it springs your trap and tries to run away scared.  One direct tase to this little feline sent it into pleasurable convulsions and made it easy to deliver to the local animal shelter.

    I posit that we must begin to do research into disease vectors being spread by cats. At their exponentially high rate of growth and disastrous population explosion on the verge of realization, we must realize that one transpecies virulent pathogen that starts in cat is a deadly threat to humanity.

    Did you know that the Bubonic plague actually started in Egypt and that cats were the original carriers of the disease?

    Liberals will lie and say that Medieval Europeans hated cats with a burning passion, because the little beasts are so hard to kill and have a secretive, solitary nature, like a witch.  During the times of the Bubonic plague, cats were almost hunted and killed to the point of extinction.  It was not until this was done that the level of plague fell.

    Somewhere along the line, liberal scientists doctored history and made fake correlations between cat reproductive rates and that of rats.  Keep in mind neither of these statistics were accurately available.  The myth today is that cats stopped the Bubonic plague, but the fact is their filthy feces, biting of humans and carrying fleas that nearly wiped out humanity.

    Once capture and properly tied up, cats are easy to intimidate but they are very germy. Always handle cats with gloves and keep them well tied up/caged until you can take them into your local animal shelter for a final solution.

    While this knowledge will be hard for many of you to take in, especially when liberals will lie and say it’s not true, just remember one truth:  cats are a viral vector.  They are carriers.  This is cats 101.

    Not many people understand that if anything like the bird flu were to mutate to a easily transferable and deadly form, cats would actually be the root of the viral transformation.

    This is exactly what happened when the Bubonic plague almost destroyed civilized humanity.

    As we go further into a new American century, we must truly evaluate and ask if our coy attitude towards that of a lowly vermin like a mouse should also apply to cats.

    If you look into this issue and think of all the dangers cats pose to humanity, you will be forced to conclude  a hearty yes.

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