• Should Gays Be Treated Like Terrorists?

    April 18, 2012 1:45 pm 90 comments
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  • All gays will burn in hell.

    It’s scientific fact that all wretched gay homo “pole smokers” will rot in the nightmarish existence that is Hell.

    But before they succumb to the AIDS virus, the gay homos have a candy-coated existence, due to our filthy society’s eager acceptance of all things “queer.” Where sturdy, American-made Ford trucks once roamed the nations roadways, we now live in a country that enthusiastically purchases Italian-made cars known as “Fiats” — Italian slang for thin, olive-skinned gays that openly “bottom” in plain view and do “poppers” while roaming Naples’ art district!

    The United States was founded on good, Christian principles, written into the Constitution by intelligent, righteous men. By definition our lands are governed by God’s sovereign grace, so we must adhere to the principles of biblical doctrine and the instructions contained within it — including hatred and abhorration for gay homosexual disgusting beings. All of this is in our nation’s Constitution. The foundation of our country was written by CHRISTIAN men, who strived to create a positive Christian society, not a close-minded graveyard of intellectual conversation.

    So what happened?

    Homosexuality happened. A twisted, sick sinful protest against God, coupled with Satan’s stranglehold on society, has driven many in the general public to “be cool” with blasphemous, homo sex. Soon, humans will be having barnyard orgies with beloved farm animals, and damned Catholics will sexually violate young boys with their mouths… IN PUBLIC!

    (Typical Catholic Mass ceremony)

    Our nation is in a downward spiral of shame, because of Obama’s insistence to “go with it” if “it feels good.” The truth of the matter is, Gay homos are destroying America; yet they are treated with dignity and human rights, unfairly enjoying the same rights that normal, straight-blooded people do. They are filthy, referring to each other as “faggots” and  “pillow biters.“ The media is responsible for cramming gay men down our throat, in fact Gays are on television more than Jesus Christ or God is.

    (Scene from “Lost”; typical network programming with pro-GAY bias)

        Gays are no better than the filthy Muslims who committed the atrocities on 9/11. In fact, using Biblical rules and logic, we can conclude that since Gays sin against and break God’s decry that “one shall not have disgusting, unnatural anal sex” they ALSO break the laws found in our godly, US Constitution, making them guilty of treason as well as enjoying the smell of lube and fecal matter during grotesque gay sex.

    So why do so many gay men wake up and have a “rimjob” before breakfast? The answer is simple — the gay doesn’t sleep like a normal, healthy person. This allows them longer access to internet chat rooms where they prey on young, unsuspecting Christian boys/girls for vicious, savage gross sex. In these chat rooms, the Gays are able to spread their hate-filled disease covered way of life amongst others. All of this, by definition is treason — trespassing before God and committing blatant sins that VIOLATE the Laws of the United States.

    These people should be rounded up and cast into captivity for the remainder of their criminal lives. They should not be able to enjoy the fine Christian freedoms found in this country — no more instrumental, non-secular music, G-Rated PAX network programming, or Veal parmesan dinners — and instead pay for their crimes, in a Supermax facility such as Guantanamo Bay.

    But wait, Obama, eternal ally of the Gays and “Head Bottom Boy In Charge” has closed Guantanamo — exercising incredible foresight and taking exhaustive measures to make sure his Gays and Muslims aren’t imprisoned any longer. The facts state that Obama hates God. He has closed the facility and is in direct conflict with God’s will.

    I urge all of you to call your congressmen and encourage them to begin prosecuting Gays as Enemies of the State. They sin, break God’s law set forth in the Constitution and blasphemize his loving country. They do not deserve the privileges they enjoy now; controlling our media, adopting straight-children and turning them Gay, and trivializing the importance of marriage and love.

    I pray you join me in this valiant effort to re-classify Gay Homos as traitors. Traitors to this country, and traitors to God. Gays spit in the face of God, and I’ve had enough. I’m coming to battle, with a man inside me — and that man is Jesus. Will you join the battle; will you let Jesus come inside you in order to defeat Gays? I pray you do.


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