• Should I Let My Son Date the Girl He Met Online?

    April 7, 2012 1:02 am 9 comments
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    Dear Amber,

    I need to ask you dating advice for my son. He has been ‘seeing’ this girl on a website named match.com and thinks he has found his true love. I do not believe in the computer and I do believe dating on it can only lead to bad things. There is nothing but evil on that machine and I keep telling him this, but he will not listen. He is going to meet this girl from the Phillipines in New York where he goes to school. He is just telling me about this now and I am so afraid.

    I know I hear Phillipinas like to carry knives and there was their president, the woman with all the shoes, who was a brutal dictator. The country is not good and I think she is flying up here to hold him hostage. Am I overreacting? My son thinks I am but I disagree.

    My husband thinks he will be fine but I am ready to pull him out of school. I will pull the rest of his tuition for the next two years and take away his credit card. He’ll be back here in Texas where he belongs and he can go to a local university. Please tell me something I can use on him to get him to leave this hellhoud haggard alone and just finish his studies. At least I want him to date an American girl on his campus or something. Any help is great Amber.

    – Worried Mom in Texas

    Dear Worried Mom,

    Filipina women are prone to violence. Did you know that in the Philippines, the prisons are mostly filled with women? It is a strange reversal from the United States, but in the Phillipines women tend to do many of the scary murders and drug trafficking you hear about on the news. When it was revealed that the Filipina president was brutal, she was praised and voted back into office.

    Studies show that 7/10 online relationships end within 3 days of meeting. Of those meetups, nearly 38% result in assault or death. Many predators use the ruse of online dating to entrap Americans and sell them as sex slaves in foreign markets. Being a port town, New York would be the perfect place for this woman to lure your son to a harbor, have a group of secret men run out and pommel him into a bloody heap, toss him in a barrel and sail him out to sea where they will do all sorts of horrible things to every part of his body until you pay a ransom. Is that really the future you and your husband dreamed up for your son?

    And even if that does not happen, transexuality is very common in the Philipines. It actually has the highest per capita rate of male-to-female conversions. Plastic surgery is very common and cheap in the Philipines, so your son would not know he was actually bedding a male likely until they could not have a baby or a secret lump was found in the neck or groin. Even then, some get plastic surgery so advanced neither tell-tell sign is available. Do you want your son to get AIDS from a Filipino gender deserter? As there is nothing more lucrative than an American male, it is probable that this Filipina is at best a man who is going to do horrible things to your son, corrupt his morality, make him drop out of school and leave him a diseased washout who dies an a New York alley.

    Please watch this video with your husband.

    The choice you have to make as parents is clear. Forbid your son to date anyone online, especially someone foreign. He will cry, yell and balk. That is fine. Threaten to take away his tuition and credit card as you have already thought to do: he will straighten out just fine. Also, demand access to his Facebook and cell phone records, so you can make sure he’s not secretly messaging or thinking about meeting up with this creeper behind your back. Great job, Mom in Texas. Your instincts were right.

    <3 Amber

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