• Snakehead Fish Haunts Maryland Waters, Gets Bounty Placed on It

    April 8, 2012 6:42 pm 2 comments
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    For years one of the biggest scientific projects of the Democrats has been transgender speciation.   In this process, Democrats plan to make normal people more friendly to dangerous things like evolutionary teaching and gay marriage sodomeducation being taught in our public schools.

    Radical democrats are crafty.  They know the majority of Americans would never support their gross ideas of how the universe is supposed to work.  So, they create cute ‘pet projects’ to make everyone friendly to crossing the line.

    Somehow and someway, one of these people thoughts, they thought, ‘hmm, I bet it would be cute if I mixed a cute little garden snake with a clown fish’.  Then this is what happened:

    The clownfish-garden snake hybrid mutated into what is known as a snakehead fish and everyone where the Kennedy funded Camelot Laboratories is dead terrified. Look at this monster:

    This is a newborn snakehead fish eating. Note that the snakehead fish can get 40 times larger than what you see here:

    This is a closer shot of the snakehead fish tadpole:

    As mentioned, when the snakehead fish grows to full size, it can be as large as a small schoolbus and weigh upward of 20 tons.  In the following image, we see a snakehead fish that allegedly swam from America all the way to the UK.  The lungs of this fish allow it to breath either freshwater, saltwater and evne gulps of pure air, making its journey across the reverse gulf jet stream easy.

    Only one of those fisermen live, the others died. One was eaten right away and another had his foot bit off. The snakehead fish can shot a tokic venom over 100 yards in a machine gun like spray pattern. It’s deadly.

    These creatures are very reclusive and can be lurking in your local lakes, ponds, rivers, gulfs or oceans. The Democrats are just being forced to reveal that one of their bizarre GE experiments went wrong and that the snakehead fish actually exists. Nothing is known about their reproductive rate, though 30 known sitings have taken place to date.

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