• Susan B, Xenu, Beloved Christian Author Dead at 81

    April 1, 2012 1:31 am 518 comments
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  • Susan B, Xenu, Beloved Christian Author Dead at 81
    -Chuck D. Finley

    Atlanta – It is a sad day here in the Atlanta Christwire office, as well as the other offices around the country. It is also a sad day for all of Christiandom, the internet and society as a whole. Susan B. Xenu is dead, and has left this world to finally be called back home to Jesus.

    For the last year she has been an Author here at christwire, but she has been much more than that to us. To me personally she has not only been a friend but a mentor. I have been a minister in the greater Atlanta area for decades but it wasn’t until recently that she encouraged me to not only join Christwire but to become an author.
    I have had great pride in my few articles over the last six months but I am greatly saddened to be writting this obituary for such a dear lady.

    Susan was born June 9th 1930 to Festus and Elsie Xenu who were cotton farmers just west of Atlanta, Ga. She was named for her famous maternal aunt Susan B. Anthony. In 1949 she married the love of her life, Henry Polotcksinsky. Henry was such a kind man that he allowed the proud southern lady to retain her proud last name instead of taking his Pollock name. In just a year they had their first daughter and a year after that a son. In all they had 5 children.

    In the 1980’s Henry passed away and Susan was left to look for something else to fill her time. She found being a christian author was very rewarding for her and wrote several books on christianity and moral life styles as well as writting for several christian magazines. Her most popular book was “Susan’s Guide to Moral Living”.

    Susan is survived by her children, William Raymond, Elsie Mae, Richard Head, Fostina and Ceanae Ann. She also had 15 grand children, and 39 Great Grand children. Her grand son Jimmy who has so lovingly looked after her for the last year wil be looking after the Susan B. Xenu estate. Great grand child, Susie will be taking up writing duties.

    Susan will be remembered by many for her work on christwire as well as her work as an African missionary. She was a very creative and supportive lady and we will all miss her dearly. In the comments please share your favorite memories of Susan.

    Susan B Xenu


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    Chuck D. Finley Brother Chuck is the Minister of The First Tyranical Church of Jesus in Roswell Ga. He is also a proud husband and father.

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