• Tebow Easter Easter Sermon at Georgetown

    April 7, 2012 3:03 am Comments Off on Tebow Easter Easter Sermon at Georgetown
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  • The cocks crowed three times and then the Judas of NFL, John Elway, did betray Tim Tebow.  Travel through hell did Tebow do, consorting with Tonya Harding to bust the knee of Jeremy Lin so that he could have full glory.  But Tebow repented and on Easter Sunday, we find our holy warrior has arisen from the slums of New York to being the moral leader we all know he can and will be.

    Tim Tebow is a holy man.  His reverence and respect for morality is no stranger to anyone.

    We’ve seen him deny temptresses at the beach.

    Kim Jong Il conspired to build nukes, but Tim Tebow dropped to a knee and caused the angel of death to visit North Korea.

    Flashback December 18, 2011 God’s light softly glints off the body of Tim Tebow as he bows, today not asking God to bless the Broncos to produce a thrilling victory in the 4th quarter but instead to bless the entire world the Sunday before Christmas. And God delivered: Kim Jong Il is dead, thanks to the prayers of Tim Tebow.

    Yes, the divinity of Tim Tebow is well known to America but it has already been forgotten. Only months ago, Tim Tebow had everyone from lifelong roughnecks to even lowly Los Angeles Raiders fans dropping to a knee and bowing before their Creator. But one witch’s prayer and hardening of hearts later, America lost faith in Tebow. And then, the betrayal of Elway that killed the career of Tim Tebow.   Would he ever rise again?

    This Easter Sunday, Tebow will rise from sports oblivion and become God’s arm of salvation once more.

    Tim Tebow is to give an Easter sermon at Georgetown University, where thousands of students, politicians and sinners will hear his holy word and be saved.

    Then, Tebow is scheduled to fly down to Texas to meat with President George W. Bush.  We can only hope that the Easter brunch will be filled with talk of Tebow grooming himself to be a House Member, then Senator and then when he is 35, he can run for president of America.

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