• The OddFutureWolfGang: Should I Fear THESE Blacks?

    April 3, 2012 9:47 pm 18 comments
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  • Black people are the most unique and misunderstood races in the world.

    Imported from Africa into America to help strengthen the economic backbone of this beloved country during the early years, they have undergone numerous hardships since gaining independence — some of them as a result of their own doing.

    Professional sports leagues are dominated by Negro individuals — and so are most prisons. It is this duality that contributes to the uniqueness of the Colored people. While most inner-city schools boast low graduation rates, and a majority of inner-city negros exhibit poor standardized testing scores, there are an abundance of successful blacks, like Oprah and Tyler Perry.

    While there aren’t many Negro poets, there are a variety of rappers and rap groups. One such group is the OddFutureWolfGang — a group of black hipsters who have parlayed their overwhelming angst and teenage whining into a surge of popularity, which they have rode to mainstream success. But what else is this group guilty of?

    How about being advocates of drug abuse, domestic violence, matricide, suicide, murder, arson, kidnapping, theft, illegal MP3 downloading, cross dressing, swearing, underaged drinking, Satanism and Bieberism.

    Songs about being angry at parents and authority and not being able to skateboard are what is being passed off as “art” nowadays. A far cry from the days of The Everly Brothers and The Commodores!

    Due to secular White America’s overwhelming white guilt and willingness to buy anything Negro-related, many shopping malls and suburbs have become breeding grounds for fans of this group, which also goes by the name of “Golf Wang” — an Asian phrase which loosely translated means “S***k My D***k.” Everywhere you turn, you’ll see normally conservative white children wearing homosexual-made skinny jeans and neon-colored clothing promoting their willingness to smoke dope, “bottom” and listen to the OddFutureWolfGang.

    Using an abundance of grotesque and Satanic imagery in their merchandising and promotional flyers, this group has brought a whole new dimension of Pagan Africanism to the mainstream — with society greeting this group with open arms!
    Photos of beautiful school children with eyes gouged out, kittens with inverted crosses implanted in their skulls and half-nude woman; all of this is fodder of the OddFutureWolfGang’s twisted agenda.

    Much like notorous Black Muslim street gang, the Wu-Tang Clan, this group uses their “rapping” to cover up the illicit activities which they partake in. Vandalism, criminal tresspassing to property, intimidation and skateboarding; if it is illegal, then the OddFutureWolfGang has probably done it and boasted about it on Twitter.

    The leader of this vile group is Tyler, the Creator. The beatmaking rapper with an affinity for Lil Zane and producing group The Neptunes (which are a homosexual couple consisting of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams) he is a crass, ignorant teenager, who constantly chalks up his Satanic evilness as “having fun.” I’m sure getting tattoos and vandalizing property is “fun” but these sort of offenses are punishable by law. If he was not a “star” he’d be getting sodomized in prison — and probably bragging about it!

    He encourages people to “kill people, burn s*** and F**** school.”

    I don’t want to know what the curriculum is at a “F*** School.”

    But Mark E. Figs, why do I need to worry about this group? Because if you have a teenager, chances are they have already been exposed to, and smoked marijuana during, the listening of OddFutureWolfGang.


    (The OddFutureWolfGang with gangsta rapper Kanye West: (L-R) Tyler, The Creator, MC Hammer Jr, Kanye West, Hodgy Beats, Frank Ocean, Syd The Lesbian Kyd, and “Left Brain.”)

    Now, with secular Anime porn distributor “Adult Swim” entering the fracas, the OddFutureWolfGang is poised to reach unprecented heights. Where it was once only possible to be exposed to these teens during a trip on Youtube, they are now being broadcast into our TV’s with a new sketch comedy series entitled “Loiter Squad.” This series encourages our children to “urinate on photos of God” and to question their parents authority. A squad of loiters? Sounds like a group of alcoholic, unemployed negros — a stereotype that the OddFutureWolfGang perpetuates.

    With public high schools, it’s safe to say that your child has been asked to listen to a mixtape or two of this group. Hopefully they said no.

    But still, one cant help but cringe at the thought of this group’s “work” being brought into our homes. Now, all of our kids will be privy to viewing the raunchy antics of the cherub-faced “Jasper Dolphin” (also the name of a late 80’s gay porn star), the weathered, African tribal face of the “Left Brain”, the Asiatic features of Hodgy Beats/Derrick Rose, the morbid lesbiansism and haircut of Syd the Kyd, the marijuana and burrito loving glutton Domo Gensis, the large-lipped and exploited child, Earl Sweatshirt and the crude crooner, Frank Ocean.

    California has been overrun by gays, and now by this group of Satanic blacks. Lord willing, they will fade into obscurity, but like most other rap groups (ICP, Three Six Mafia, B2K) they will probably remain in favor forever, a twisted testament to secular America’s willingness to discredit God at every turn.

    I pray that this group of Negros goes back to slavery — mental slavery, by enrolling in a trade school or a college, in order to help society and not poison our youths any further.

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