• Tips for Parents to Discuss Prom Night Safety with Your Teen

    April 10, 2012 5:16 pm 121 comments
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  • Prom night is a big night in every young girls life

    By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
    High School Girls Correspondent

    <chris†wire> With Spring in the air high schools girls are thinking about the big prom. It’s a grand time for these young girls who are easily caught up in the excitement. So now is a good time for parents to consider having that talk with your daughter about the importance of preserving her virtue.

    Prom night is a big deal with all its pomp and promenade; girls are going to be busy with planning and preparation and your teen isn’t likely thinking about her personal safety or making a safety plan should the unthinkable occur. So its time for mom and dad to step up and be the parents; its time to have the talk with your child about boys and her personal safety.

    For many parents this can be a difficult task so it’s important you remember to point out to your child that many teens are killed on prom night from drunk driving accidents, overdoses of street drugs, alcohol poisoning and so on. Then you should warn your daughter about older men who stake out local proms and watch for any girl who leaves alone by car or walking. Also let her know that rapes do occur on school grounds on prom night, sometimes by male students who attend the same school. Tragically these perverts have many ways to entice your little girl into their vehicle; sometimes just offering her a ride home is all its takes.    

    Since liquor, drugs and sex are known to sell movie tickets and rap music in the pop culture scene today expect your child to be bombarded with anti-Christian influences and deviant excesses. Teens can easily become overwhelmed and confused by this endless bombardment of temptations. Parents need to remember that the most dangerous of these influences is peer pressure. Peer pressure at this age has been the ruin of many young girls.

    But prom night doesn’t have to become a parent’s worst nightmare; with some planning and a talk with your child she can be prepared to avoid dangerous situations, and will no how to react to peer pressure.

    The High School Prom is exciting for everyone but dangers do exist

    So here are a few tips to help parents plan for having that talk with your teens.

    1.    Initiate the conversation. If you’re a responsible parent you’ve already talked with your kids about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, so a follow up talk about prom night safety is a good idea since there are certain inherent dangers that go along with prom night.

    2.    Develop a safety plan. Sit down with your daughter and discuss several situations that may come up on prom night, such as someone bringing liquor to the prom, or finding herself in a car with a reckless or intoxicated driver. Teens who have been prepared for the unexpected will handle the situation much better especially if they have a safety plan in place that they can resort to in an emergency.

    Establish a curfew for your teen and arraign specific times they should call home to check in. You can also use a prearranged code where your daughter can call in an unsafe situation and alert you to come pick her up without anyone around her knowing what she’s doing.

    Of course there has to be some discussion about sex, boys and the importance of your daughter’s chastity being preserved. Empress upon your child the importance of her sacred womanhood and that it should never be treated casually. Should she be pressured into sex God will be displeased with her.

    It’s important for your child to understand that her virginity is going to be of great value to the man she will marry for life. Should she behave recklessly or selflessly with her body and loose her precious virtue the chances for her to court a decent God-fearing Christian man to marry are nil. Christian men are not interested in used merchandise, high-mileage vaginas or blown out rear ends.

    A Christian man will only consider a chaste Christian woman when considering his options to take a bride. He’s looking for a girl that’s respected herself enough to make certain she’s whole, pure of heart and in deed.   

    3.    Watch your tone. Praise your daughter for her commitment to the family, her church and to God. You don’t want to talk down to your daughter so let her know that you’re aware she already knows these things but you feel it best to review them again before her big night out. Don’t lecture or preach teens have a way of tuning you out when they feel “they’ve heard it before.”

    As parents you want to establish clear, firm guidelines and make it clear that you   know she’s mature and responsible enough to stick to your rules. Do this in a caring way, then explain your concerns for her safety come from the fact that every year during prom season the news media reports on a number of young high school girls who’ve been abducted, sodomized, brutally raped, tortured and some murdered on their prom night. Others simply vanish and their fate sometimes is never known.

    Spy Tech


    Brick House offers tracking devices of various size to get the job done

    Parents may want to consider options available today that were not available when they were in high school. There are many options for monitoring your child’s where-a-bouts. GPS tracking devices which include personal, vehicle, and cell tracking are available today. This hi-tech approach allows parents to locate their child 24/7 on your home’s computer or iPad devices.

    But be warned many teens believe such technology to be an invasion of their privacy and view it as a sign that mom and dad doesn’t trust them. So the approach I suggest to use if you opt to take this route is to explain to your teen that such devices are installed to protect them. And overtime if your child is following the rules and displays maturity in their decision making you can reward them and let them know they are earning your trust.

    Other Options

    Does your little girl attend an urban high school with dangerous minorities?

    I generally don’t recommend other options to most parents living in the better suburbs or in rural areas where crime isn’t as common. But if you live in a large city and your daughter attends school with other teens of various ethnic minorities who statically commit over 78% of reported felony crimes in the US there are still options available to you.


    Under these circumstances extra precautionary measures are advised. I recommend a well built chastity belt that allows you to padlock the device onto your daughter so that only you can remove it. There are many models of various types but my recommendation is one of the following belts that are tough enough to take a pounding and still do the job.

    The Cock Blocker 2200 is built to take a serious pounding

    It can be difficult for teens to understand the dangers we all face today in the 21st century. Crime is up; terrorists live in our neighborhoods, bomb schools and kidnap innocent white high school girls who fetch top dollar on the black market in the world of sex slave trafficking. And until our children are old enough to fend for themselves in the outside world it’s our job as parents to support and protect them.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
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