• Transgender Canada Woman Jenna Talackova Tricks Donald Trump, Men in Miss Universe Transexual Bid (Picture Evidence)

    April 4, 2012 3:37 am 14 comments
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  • I never knew there were a group of people who could confuse me more than the emosexuals, until I fell into a new snare trap sprang by a faction of people known as transexuals!

    PHOTO: Jenna Talackova, a would be Miss Universe contestant, shows her Canadian passport as proof that she is a female, during a news conference with her attorney, April 3, 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif.

    Jenna Talackova, who was going to win Miss Universe until it was revealed she tricked Donald Trump and every other man into, appreciating, her beauty and then finding how she was born an XY man!

    I spit my Oat Bran with disgust!  As I was watching the Miss Universe competition, I was cheering for who I thought was a womens named Jenna Talackova!  She had curves of Godly perfection!  I beautiful smile and a great face!  You could see the angelic kisses of heaven radiating off her perfect face!

    But it was all a trick!  A ruse!  A double-down devil whammy to make us attracted to who was born a man!  This ‘women’ was born a man and we were all tricked!  I joined with my friend Donald Trump wondering if now will I burn in hell! 

    Now when I finally get called to heaven for judgment, I can only hope Johnny Cochran or Perry Mason is up there.  I’m going to need a good criminal defense lawyer.  I have been lured and tempted to look upon the flesh of someone who is not a true XX woman.  But I think when I mount my defense, God will nod and understand that I am the victim of liberal science!

    Satan used Jenna Talackova to entrap me.  It was entrapment!  Just like on Bait Car, if you take a shiny new Honda and leave it running in an all blacks neighborhood, you know they cannot resist the temptation of stealing it!  It is hook, line and sinker!  So how can you put a perfectly scuplted, woman-looking human into the Miss Universe pageant and then judge a man for doing what we do best!  Judging a woman’s looks!  I cannot help it that my testosterone analyzed her and I judged her as beautiful before I knew the details!

    Look, my mind is still tricked into saying ‘she’ instead of ‘he’!  Lord, look at my defense evidence!

    Look at this image.  Her striped green and white fashion bathing suit clings so snugly upon her intimately toned busoms.  A hard earned abdomen shows a untouched womb, making the liferod stand attention with excitement.  There is no fat there and even if you look at the fingers, you can see she has even taken time to paint her nails a Godly white.  Look at that cute little nose and puckering of the lips, just like the perfect housewife! 

    Then, look at the ventral panties region!  There is no satan scepter!  There appears to be only a nice, fresh and Canadian winter crisp breeze fertile valley ready for a Godly man to stake as his own!  This is high treason to trick us men like this.  Satan has given scientists the power to make it  nearly impossible to tell everyone part!  Chaos!

     Milksacks.  Look at those double baby feeders, just sitting there and making no effort to escape my eye.  God gave us eyes so we have to look.  The orange bathing suit teases and look like at any moment, the full Countesses of Milk Mountain will make an appearance.  How can a man not be a bit excited about it?

    It’s not lust, it’s appreciating nature.  Just like when we watch nature videos and the tribals are allowed to prance about without clothing and we scientifically analyze, for proper countries we can analyze the beauty of a women who is dressed like this.  It’s what we are designed to do.  Men are to be the judges of women.

    There is nothing in the picture at right that shows me it’s not XX.  Dear Lord and the jury of heaven, please take this evidence into consideration and take my plea of “Not Guilty”.

    I knew not that this was a transexual and neither did any of the other 44 million men, and Donald Trump, and all the men of Canada know that when they were analyzing Jenna Talackova to be judged as the most beautifully designed woman of the year.

    Liberal media is now jumping all over this case, saying that we should not feel guilty and that the fact we weren’t making a big deal over this until a leaked medical report proves that Jenna Talackova has a right to not only compete, but we should feel fine looking at her.

    It’s another trick of the gay agenda!  They are entrapping us men into these confusing situations and how can we combat this.  The next woman you meet at the bar, it could be Jenna Talackova!  They can even do surgery on the nethers and you would never know that she was born a man with a woman wanting to escape the body, as they say!

    Shocked ChristWire flockers react with horror after learning the woman Jenna Talackova used to have a little soldier.


    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerChristWire’s senior ministry staff will be holding a 12:00 pm (Pacific Time) prayer for all those affected by this news.  If you need to have God forgive you for looking upon this gonad trickster, please leave your prayer request in the comments.  Be blessed and be sure to have a case ready for yourself in case you die and St. Peter tries you on this charge.  Remember, it was liberal gay science agenda entrapment and you were but an innocent bystander.

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