• Trayvon Teacher Fired for Fundraiser

    April 10, 2012 1:58 pm 2 comments
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  • Justice has been served in Michigan.  A teacher hosting a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin has been fired.   The Trayvon Teacher Fired case as it’s now being called is a good one for precedent.

    Everyone is getting too worked up over this Trayvon Martin thing and just needs to simmer down.  A black man in a hoodie was shot and Mr. Zimmerman, the shooter, is innocent.  Why?  Because he has not been proven guilty in a court of law.

    All this trying to make George Zimmerman look guilty and Trayvon Martin innocent is nothing but tribal third world emotional mob mentality.  America is a nation of Law and Order.  Why do you think that television show is so popular is successful households?

    It’s becaues law and order is what this nation is built upon.  And if we don’t even demand birth certificates from the president, we must accept Zimerman is innocent.  It rhymes and is the truth.  The same media that is fine with not having Obama show his birth certificate, is the same media that is trying to crucify Zimmerman with no evidence.  What gives?

    It’s all the race baiting scandal climate Obama has created.  Liberals refuse to call Obama the names they want to call him, because they are afraid black Democrats will see through their lies and manipulation of them to create an impoverished people who must beg and live off the government teet system (Obamacare, food stamps that blacks use).  This Trayvon Martin case is just exposing the entire cycle.

    Hopefully with this teacher being fired, now all these loud, swindled blacks will pipe down and realize that they should focus on their lives and not be like the Trayvon Teacher Fired case.

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