• Viral Facebook Campaign Inspires Bald Barbie by Mattel, Alopecia and Cancer Support

    April 1, 2012 4:15 pm Comments Off on Viral Facebook Campaign Inspires Bald Barbie by Mattel, Alopecia and Cancer Support
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    *Editor’s Note – A great non-profit you must check out is Hats off For Cancer.  Internationally recognized, Hat’s Off For Cancer collects and donates hates of all kinds to the courageous children who lose their hair due to cancer treatments.  To learn more about this group, please visit the non profit’s site and consider a donation.

    Every day of every year, there are courageous children who battle against cancer and at times from treatment, hair loss.  Hair loss in children can also be associated with other genetic conditions.  While dealing with the physical changes of such a disease, there is a psychological component that must be considered for these little people as well.  When solidarity in appearance can be such a vital part of comfort in life, it’s good to pay attention to things that can make these children smile and know that we support them 100% in every aspect of their life.

    Mattel today took a great step in creating the Beautiful and Bald Barbie.  This Barbie shows one truth:  it’s not the outward appearance that makes the true beauty of anyone.  Bald or not, our daughters are beautiful and this doll is sending this message.  As long ago stated by the non-profit Hats Off For Cancer, this is something that “strives to reach out to children battling cancer, to make a child’s day a bit happier and their smile a bit brighter.”

    The Beautiful and Bald Barbie was launched after a Facebook campaign managed to receive over 150,000 likes in under four months, showing a substantive public support for this Barbie doll.  The doll will come with accessory options of scarves, accesories and yes, hats.  The doll will also have the option of going bald.

    What’s great is that instead of being sold in stores, the dolls will be donated to children’s hospitals and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

    The Bald and Beautiful Barbie was launched in January of last year bby Jane Bingham and Rebecca Sypin.  Both of their daughters lost their hair due to cancer treatment.  The mothers stated in interview that the Barbies can have a therapeutic effect, showing how baldness is normal and recognized part of life.  It integrates the child’s condition into every life.


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