• Watch Lindsay Lohan Age Decades in this Creepy Video

    April 5, 2012 1:36 am Comments Off on Watch Lindsay Lohan Age Decades in this Creepy Video
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    If your daughter has been too mouthy lately or trying to go have high school sneaking out of window fun, just make sure to show her this following video of what happens to unclean women.

    Lindsay Lohan used to be the girl next door:  she was a young, pretty actress with great talent and a shining future in Hollywood.  Then, just like is requisite with any E! True Hollywood Stories, she had to hit that low point in life.  The problem is that Miss Hohan has never come back up off her back.

    Please let your daughter get a good eyeful of Lindsay Lohan in this video and let them know:  listening to Black Veil Brides, Twilight movies, going to prom, disobeying your father, wearing tight clothing, hanging out with the basketball players and breaking curfew will leave her looking like this by the time she is 30.  She will cry, but dont’ have any sympathy.  Throw her to a dirty gutter and let her know that’s all that happens to crybaby harlots in Vegas.  She will straighten out real quick to your will.  At least Lindsay Lohan can be blamed for something good this time.  Please enjoy.

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