• Why Do Pit Bulls Hate White People?

    April 12, 2012 6:32 pm 289 comments
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  • Every day we seem to read yet another headline about a pit bull mauling an infant or a policeman. They are the most dangerous wild animal allowed to roam our neighborhoods freely. They will lurk anxiously in alleyways and public parks, just waiting for that perfect moment to spring an attack on an innocent elderly person. They terrorize and terrify. Worse still, the type of person who owns such a dog is himself fanatical, untrustworthy and brutal. He will defend his so-called “right” to possess a lethal creature and use it at will. We truly have a critical canine situation in America that needs to addressed but sadly, Barack Hussein Obama’s aesthetic of “If it feels good, do it” is just too addictive for the liberals in our local legislatures.

    The pit bull is unlike any other member of its species. Most dogs are tender and fun, intelligent and protective. They are modest creatures who snuggle in your lap after a long day at work. They frolic with tennis balls and howl playfully when they’re hungry. There is something deeply all-American about owning a dog. It seems to reflect our love of family, how we cherish the homeland and the spirit of patriotism that burns in all of us.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariNot the pit bull! These dogs are like felines in the way they creep and sneer. They’re always nervous and will snap at you if you try to scratch one’s head on the sidewalk. Their fearsomeness makes you approach them gingerly. Watch out! They’ll stare you down with those evil, red eyes if you make any sudden movements. They love to stand on top of picnic tables to survey the landscape like dictators. They urinate with a sudden ferociousness that shocks and then outrages. And despite their endless hunger, they defecate in dark, dense packages that can deeply stain a man’s shoes and even the trim of his pants (other dogs do their “business” in soft and broad mounds that are far easier to spot when walking in the park).

    All of these are minor issues when you consider the odd racial component to the pit bull mentality. Trained as attack dogs, they are coveted by inner city ethnic youths. It’s a gangster hip hop status symbol to own such a creature. They are taught to hate “whitey” because of the innate socio-economic successes that many of us attain. These black and Chicano youngsters see the pit bull as their way of marking their territory, of claiming the “ghetto” as a non-white space. It is the very essence of reverse racism and the consequences can be tragic.

    These is also a shared identity between inner city young people and pit bulls. Both are very strong, very muscled. Black youths have tremendous forearms and biceps, their chests are hard, rippling with veins of hotbloodedness. When you see a group play basketball and they remove their shirts, the craftsmanship of their genetics is astonishing. Fast and vicious on the court, they can also be graceful as they fly up to the hoop with that ball gently rolling from their long fingers right into the assuredness of the basket. They land with a triumphant stomp, their calves buckling. Those first drops of sweat will snake down a young man’s back as the afternoon sunlight caresses all that skin. Sometimes you see a smile. All those gleaming white teeth. No, maybe this is not a scene for us to gawk at. It is too human, too bloodthirsty.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansari

    It’s important to note that no one should ever harm a dog. It is morally indefensible and the Bible asks us to be stewards of the lesser creatures on this earth. Some are meant to be food, and some are meant to be work animals (while others have been corrupted genetically to serve little purpose). We are better than our dogs. We are smarter, more moral and far more compassionate. We have the capacity to tell right from wrong. Dogs do not. They are smart and domestically far superior than cats (which only wreak havoc in one’s home) but human beings will always be spiritually stronger than their animal companions. Understanding this, we must acknowledge our Christian responsibility to care for our canines and never hurt them.

    Pit bull owners do not understand this ethos of not damaging their pets. They chain them with piercing, draconian collars that only make them more vicious. By pulling a “choke throat” leash every time a pit bull walker passes a white, he is training the canine to hate the non-blacks. He is making the animal into a dangerous machine of racism that can be used as an accomplice in theft. How many muggings occur in urban environments by blacks with pit bulls? The estimate may very well be quite high.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariPossibly the greatest problem with the pit bull is the type of owner the dog attracts. These are mostly low-income men with a record of marijuana abuse and much worse. They are hip hopper and “down low” types, always on the prowl on our city streets. Their uniform is high top sneakers, a hoodie and a backwards baseball cap (to hide one’s face and run, when necessary). Experience has shown that these owners are less intelligent than your typical “pugs and poodles” sort of guy. They are fond of beards and drinking cans of beer from paper bags. If one were to ask their sexual scenario, the expert guess would be that these men prefer brutalistic encounters and the harsh acts of sodomy so common in the housing projects. Sodomy thrills the pit bull owner because it is yet another act of abomination, a way of proclaiming sin as a lifestyle choice.

    Are pit bull owners homosexual? Likely some of them are, for the same-sex adherent also likes to play the game of “ghetto macho,” prowling city streets in his grimy hoodies and expensive footwear. Instead of muggings, however, the gay pit bull owner hunts for seedy sexual encounters. Again, the alleyway and public park bathroom situation is relevant here. The new popularity of “dog parks” in places like San Francisco and New York ties into the trend of anonymous gay “hook ups.” The dog is simply let loose to play inside one of these gated areas while his master plays his own bestial game of “fetch the ball” at the public urinals. It seems that one cannot enter such a place without seeing an apprehensive young man, loitering with his johnson out and hoping to make eye contact.

    In exposing this issue, it is hoped that more people will be weary of these creatures as pets. We cannot let the lifestyle of inner city gangsterism spill out into the suburbs. Pit bull ownership attempts to do this and much more. It is an offensive way to discriminate against the white people of America, to harass us despite all the achievement we have achieved. Pit bull owners are themselves the true threat here. It is the mentality of parking lot knife fights and marijuana joints, late night sexual encounters and ultimately the welfare socialism of politicians like Barack Hussein Obama. These are not the foundational blocks of the true America we all know and love.


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