• Why Does Brad Grey Hate Christians? Paramount CEO Battles Rumors of Bigotry, Sexual Deviancy and Creative Opportunism

    April 5, 2012 9:12 pm 10 comments
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    recently published an essay concerning mismanagement and corruption in Hollywood. I pointed out how nefarious elements are abusing the public trust to promote radical liberalism and creative sensibilities that are inconsistent with American patriotism. The reaction from California was swift and merciless. Within a day, our publisher received notice of a lawsuit from Paramount Pictures and its CEO Brad Grey.

    Grey, who is Jewish, seems to have issues with Christianity and the family values that have made this nation great. Indeed, for a man who has profited handsomely by promoting reckless consumerism and teen sexuality, this should come as no surprise. What surprised me personally is the underhanded way that Grey’s extensive legal team has taken to discriminate against heartland voices of Jesus’s love.

    stephenson billings on brad greyReviewing Grey’s support of manipulative leftwing political propaganda, however, such maneuvers seem quite natural for the paranoid elitist kingpin. Not only did the man single-handedly resuscitate liberal extremist Bill Maher’s career, he also financed two of the most outrageous and fraudulent documentaries of the past decade: Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and Capitalism: A Love Story. Both served as training manuals for the idiocy of the left, inspiring the “Global Warming” hoax, the Occupy Wall Street riots and ultimately the socialist presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Upon closer inspection, Mr. Grey has had a long history of cruel and often bizarre antics. Considering his tumultuous, erratic tenure as head of Paramount Studios, it is shocking that the man has held onto his job for as long as he has. He is known to be vicious mumbler as well as a longwinded and barbaric judge of his artists. In the minds of critics and accountants, he has championed an amazing streak of complete failures at the box office. An abbreviated list of these crimes against human decency would include: The Love Guru, Footloose (a remake), The Last Airbender, Bless the Child, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Sahara, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Ishtar, Gigli, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Norbit, Game On, The Mr. Men Movie, Filed Under ’Evil’: Inside Case 39, Imagine That, Dough Boys, Mars Needs Moms, Strange Wilderness and Barnyard. For example, Sahara alone lost over $140 million domestically. With such a track record, Mr. Grey’s continued leadership of a multi-million dollar business simply boggles the mind.

    stephenson billings on brad grey

    As in his personal life, the Brad Grey aesthetic is cheap and crude. He has invested a great deal of resources in film franchises like Mission Impossible, Transformers, Friday the 13th and Camp Blood which add nothing to our national creative discourse. They are rude, blood-spattered movies that bring the entirety of humanity down a notch. Yet Brad is relentless. He digs deeper into the American cultural abyss every day. One wonders what sort of heinous moral conundrum drives such demonic immorality. Does he hate America? Is it our global mission of Christian peace that brings the bile to his throat? Or does he simply despise his fellow human beings so profoundly that the innocent, gentle smile of child is something that he seeks to spit on each and every day?

    I do not dislike Mr. Grey personally, but I would be remiss not to dwell briefly on some of his many egregious personal faults. Since we are in the midst of legal action, I will keep this brief and avoid any mention of the horrific sexual fetishes of sadomasochism, felching and the infamous “Dirty Sanchez” incident at the Ivy.

    stephenson billings on brad greyWhat makes Brad Grey so offensive to so many in Hollywood is his trashy, desperate, arriviste nature. He is still that kid from the Bronx at heart, dreaming of big hair and a gold-plated Cadillac. His tastes are beneath the pedestrian. They are gauche and flagrant. Worse still, with his enormous power he has set the trend for the most trite garbage in our media today. So much of reality television’s focus on the outrageous and flamboyant, the loud and emotional can be traced back to Grey. The man can’t help but be histrionic. From his gaudy “wedding cake” Bel Air McMansion where homoerotic statues urinate Chablis to his fleet of leopard upholstered luxury vehicles, from his all too obvious use of male make-up to his ridiculous posse of sneering, leather-clad “yes men,” Brad Grey manages to offend all the senses with stunning efficacy.

    Grey is also an unrepentant social climber, as any celebrity who has had the misfortune of wandering twenty feet within him knows. He has a reputation for grabbing famous people on the street for personal photographs, leaving them angry and flustered. Shots of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt at Grey’s wedding last year were immediately leaked to the press and many suspect that it was Grey himself who was behind it. (One wonders why his publicists haven’t impressed upon him the importance of keeping your mouth shut during a photo op, otherwise you end up looking like some sort of drooling monkey.)

    stephenson billings on brad greyMore recently, a secret video of his wife went viral and Brad took eerie delight in all that voyeurism, much like a pimp showcasing new trade on the strip. The issue of Mr. Grey’s marriage is all the more shocking when one ponders his bride, Cassandra Huysentruyt. The woman is clearly his social, intellectual and spiritual better. It defies logic that she would marry a man who looks like the product of a champale-fueled tryst between Gilbert Gottfried and Janet Reno. Not only are his eyes far too small for his broad “meat and potatoes” face, but they seem scrambled and restless. They reflect Grey’s anxious nature, his habit of leering at people until they back off in horror. His salt and pepper toupee may be one of the greatest creations to come out of the art department at Paramount, but it does little to make the man look like a member of the human race.

    Inevitably, the Brad Grey phenomenon presents a unique challenge for American righteousness. The man’s obsession with destroying everything beautiful about this nation is reprehensible. His addiction to radical liberalism is so heinous that is a veritable cancer on our body politic. For those who trust in compassionate Christian evangelicalism, it is people like Grey who astound and outrage us. Why must he riot against the ethical principles of this nation with his filthy erotic movies? Why must he secretly fund domestic terrorism through the activities of Al Gore and Bill Maher? Why does he crush the hopes and dreams of our sweetest children, stomping about clumsily like some crudely-drawn villain from a Paramount picture, crushing those vestiges of the American dream beneath his $1000 tasseled Prada loafers? Why must he sue Christwire?

    Sadly, we might never truly know the answer to these vital questions.

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