• Wrath of the Titans Movie Review

    April 7, 2012 2:00 am Comments Off on Wrath of the Titans Movie Review
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  • Wrath of the Titans is a horrible movie that tries to ruin the minds of children with fantastical atheist thoughts of what true Godly power is all about. Cronos is the villain and he springs a ‘trap’ of molten lava, then needs help from others to overcome his own son, zappy Zeus.

    To be honest, I fell asleep during this movie and through that Liam Nelson was a decent person until he sashayed around ancient Greece in his toga. What’s laughable is with all the spectacle that this movie presented, it would just be another boring day at the office for God. He threw Satan out of heaven with a casual flick of the wrist. These ‘Greek gods’ were giving it their all and have no universal power whatsoever. You really have to feel sorry for all those pagan Greeks who are now burning in Hell.

    At any rate, the movie is full of flesh from Andromeda, sacrilege, ridiculous fantasy powers and a bunch of other nonsense. I would give this an S for Sacrilege, but like I said, I fell asleep so cannot give my usual indepth review of all the plot elements and symbolism.

    Wrath of the Titans (2012)

    Cronos and the rest of the Titans battle Zeus and the pantheon of weak Roman ‘gods’ in a far-fetched battle of atheistic imagination, all of which our Christian God could do with not even a yawn and snap of his fingers.

    Jonathan Liebsman


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