• Wrestlemania 28 Results in Shocking Statistics

    April 1, 2012 11:27 pm Comments Off
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  • Wrestlemania 28 results has caused shocking things to take place in America.  In a ‘sport’ that involves soap opera drama and oil-men wrestling all over each other while wearing speedos, it’s pretty clear what sort of people are fully behind the event.  What’s troubling is that with all the flashy lights, steroid abuse and spectacle, many parents are blinded and cannot see events like Wrestlemania 28 results in the downfall of society.

    FACT:  Wrestlemania 28 results in for every 10 people who watch it, 7 will sign up for Medicare before they are 27.

    FACT:  Wrestlemania 28 results in the spread of hokey tshirts with 90’s styled lettering with phrases like “2 Cool For School!” or “X-treme Dezstruction Radicals!”.  Each of these t-shirts powers the economy of China and ensures the kids receiving said shirts will be miners in an Oriental cavern by 2052.

    FACT:  Wrestlemania 28 results in more people further convinced that shows like Operation Repo, Wrestlemania 28, Ghost Hunters and the NCAA finals are not scripted.

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