• WWF’s Earth Hour and How You Can Celebrate It

    April 2, 2012 2:04 am Comments Off on WWF’s Earth Hour and How You Can Celebrate It
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  • WWF’s Earth Hour is underway and in all countries but America, apparently everyone is turning out every single light and electronic device to celebrate conservation for Earth.

    Personally, I plan to counteract these communist acts of not using energy and saving animals by turning on every device in my home and while my energy is cooking up, taking out my SUV for a nice joy ride.  I only wish it were still the 1970s, because I’d throw canisters of CFC rich aerosols all around just to teach the WWF’s Earth Hour a lesson.  Then I’d go hunt me some fresh game for no reason at all.

    My question is do these WWF people cause enough problems with Wrestlemania 28?  Is it not enough to make our children think athletes who hop on on steroids can really understand the inner delicacies of what’s happening here on Earth?

    Look at the symbol these wrestlers are using?  They claim they are all for helping Earth’s wildlife and saving energy, but they use a communist animal as their symbol.  What does China really know about resourcefulness, greedily accounting for more than 25% of Earth’s population.

    If that’s not bad enough, there are wrestlers like Kane and the Undertaker who are just flat out scary and you see what sort of rituals they are doing in the ring.

    My conclusion is that WWF is another Al Gore spook program, trying to trick us all into believing in global warming so the Democrats can get fatter pockets and strip proper authority out of public schools.

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