• $99 Xbox 360 Subsidized By Obama, Boofers Nationwide Rejoice

    May 4, 2012 3:23 pm 4 comments
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  • Obama’s amazing march of socialism reached its zenith today after the government announced $99 Xbox 360 will be available for the unemployed.  The Xbox will come with a Gold Live account, meaning that the jobless can now fully live like teenaged children off from school during the summer.

    Irate taxpayers could only watch in horror as boofers in Bremerton, North Carolina, stood in a $99 Xbox 360 line and eagerly waited to take the gaming systems back to their government subsidized, energized homes.

    “I’m totally using my food stamps to buy some cheetos and then playing Guild Wars all week dude,” said Sean Parker, taking a long drag from his cigarette. Sean is 37-years-old and also plans on applying for OBamacare next week.

    The growing trend of Americans simply living off the fat of the lamb in the wake of the recession is troubling. People are no longer finding incentive to work. They understand the government will reward the working while roughly taxing the working and barely making it. People who tried to go to school and get educated for a good job owe over $1 trillion. People who refuse to work or get educated get tax returns for just having children.

    See the problem?

    The $99 Xbox 360 giveaway by the government is also receiving great criticism as plans to the government to start offering free iPhones, free wireless data plans and laptops has also been announced this week. Republican officials believe that this is all part of an Obama conspiracy to make the non-working, government supported people of America a strong voting bloc. By promising they can continue their lifestyle of no work, Obama and following democrats can continue their goal of creating a true socialist state.

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