• Argentina: Choose Your Own Gender, We Don’t Care

    May 11, 2012 4:53 pm 36 comments
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  • (ChrisTwire)—Lawmakers in the Mexican territory of Argentina have approved a law which allows anyone to be whatever gender they want.

    The law gained final approval from the Senate on Wednesday.

    So if you’re a man and you want to play girls sports because girl sports are easy just be a girl, it is all legal. If you are a pedophile and you want to use the little girls room, just say you are a girl, it is all legal. Do you just want to confuse people for fun, its all legal. Of course we dont expect much else from these people.

    A push for such a law began under the late President Nestor Kirchner, and the cause was taken up by his wife and presidential successor, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

    “This is a path toward equality, inclusion and recognition of rights for all Argentinians,” Vice President Amado Boudou said. “Today is a day when thousands and thousands of Argentinians have new rights, without anyone else losing an ounce of their own rights.”

    Of course it is infringing on rights. We have genders for a reason. Why are there men’s rooms and women’s rooms? Why do they make you pick a gender? If everyone was truly equal there would be no gender, when kids are born doctors would just say, “it’s a baby”. But this is not the world we live in, we have genders and the liberals will have to just deal with it.

    Other things Argentineans no longer care about, Pride, Body Odor, cleanliness, or the safety of their children

    In Other Mexican Liberal News

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