• Atheists Evolve Real Life Mermaid, It Gives Birth to A Baby

    May 28, 2012 10:19 am 104 comments
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  • Holly Mornser, a new mermaid species created by crazed atheist superscientists.  These superscientists are trying to play God and prove the ‘big bang’ by creating lust mermaids with giant fish tunnel sinslits to convince men that it’s natural to lust outside the boundaries of natural order.

    My anger is kindled high right now! By the power of Satan, atheist superscience has now created real life mermaids! We all knew that gay marriage would be the segue to this type of thing! Now, these atheist genetic scientists have combined the holy seed of mankind with that of a salmon manatee!

    They are making these bizarre creatures so we can say, “Oh, they are now combining the homonculi of a man with the eggsacs caviare of a fish. Gay marriage doesn’t seem so bad!”

    It’s already bad enough that there are people who believe that a magical big bang lead to space rocks which one day evolved into planets, gravity, tidal forces, endosymbiotic bacteria and eventually you and me. It’s just preposterous. But now they aren’t just using words to twist reality, they are reaching into the handcrafted DNA of God himself and altering it to meet their fantasy.

    How long before these Mermaids get human rights? How long before a man wants to marry one of these beasts and have a merman family? What’s to stop atheist from creating hudogs or hucats? They going to marry and get them pregnant too?

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