• Brother Abe Goodman Suffers a Heart Attack

    May 26, 2012 2:21 am 125 comments
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  • Brother Abe Goodman standing in front of his humble home in East Dublin, Georgia, in this undated photograph.

    Anabelle Goodman called our ministry tonight to tell us very tragic news.  Our dear friend, esteemed colleague and field reporter Abe Goodman has suffered a massive heart attack.  He was still on the road to recovery after an acute M.I. he suffered several years ago.

    Abe Goodman is a brother to me and an inspiration to millions.  His writings have covered a broad range of topics and he has warmed the hearts of millions of people who have sought truth and answers.  Abe’s most recent accomplishments included his Addicted 2 Jesus summer tour, taking 2nd place in the 2010 East Dublin Olympic games triathlon, being a Jury-Duty-at-Law and starring in a Nike commercial due to his fridge lifting feat.

    Beyond all his accomplishments, Abe is a preacher and scholar to many.  He is also my adopted brother and father.  As a child in growing up in Dublin, the son of sharecroppers, Abe’s family took me in after my parents died in a turbine incident.  I grew up as one with my brother in Christ and his family, then moved on to Missouri where I’ve found great success in life.  Abe has and always has been a great brother to me.

    Please pray for Brother Goodman tonight as he recovers.  I am taking the first flight out and will give updates on his medical condition as they become available.


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