• Crazed Scientists Now Invent Zebra Ant, Lions Terrified Into Hiding

    May 8, 2012 1:56 pm 35 comments
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    Crazed evolutionists have now created a zebra ant. This creature is now running across the plains of Africa and destroying all the beautiful nature. Salt-water crocodiles have been seen eaten hole. One village reports that a herd of zebra ants was seen running down and mauling a pride of poor lions to death. The father lion of the pride could only hide in a cave with several hyena, watching as this new evolutionist created monster destroyed natural order!

    Wildlife expert Tom Henley told of the affair. “It was complete madness! We were watching the beautiful landscape, when suddenly Emri (one of the lionesses) and Bomi (another lioness) sprang into action. They began creeping up on what looked like a herd of zebra in the distance. We prepped our cameras and moved into filming range. What followed was complete madness! The carnage, the shock. Why must geneticists create creatures like this?”

    The scene described by Henley is apparently part of a new dangerous science trend of a rogue group of geneticists calling themselves the NWO. The Nature Witchery Order. Using all sorts of crazy things like restriction enzymes and double helixed, these scientists are unraveling the code of life itself and putting it back together in their image!

    How is it that something as squishable as an ant and huntable as a zebra unto a lion, has become a 8 foot tall on its hindlegs hunting machine!

    Just imagine the horror the villagers faced when a full grown King Elephant was carried away by two of these ants. Two of these ants are able to lift a full grown elephant.

    Is this not proof enough that we must ban genetics! We have no right to tamper! Let us ban genetics and just let nature be.

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