• Final Proof Obama Was Born In Kenya, Bio States It True

    May 17, 2012 6:03 pm 27 comments
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  • Barack Obama’s dirty lies have finally been unswempt from under the rug! An informant has leaked to us the following biography from Barack Obama! This biography was penned by Barack Obama’s official biographer and even more, Obama purportedly used this biography as his official until 2007!

    Barack Obama ‘was born in Kenya’, according to this news. Kenya is not in America! It is right next to Iran, Afghanistan and every other Stan that makes you terrified! Now does it make since why his name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama! There is now no denying that Barack Obama is not an American. He was born in Kenya.

    There is nothing wrong with being from Kenya and he can go back to being a Senator or Governor. As long as he has a green card, he can do that. But Obama cannot be president. If Obama was born in Kenya as he admits in his biography, he cannot be a borne American. His borne identity is KENYAN. This means only Mitt Romney can be president in 2012, no vote needed!

    The biography you see to the left was written by Obama’s lit agent in 2001.   Notice again how it says ‘was born in Kenya’.  Obama was born in Kenya.  He was only ‘raised’ in Indonewsia and Hawaii.  This means that Obama is not a native American and only native Americans have the right to be president.

    Breitbart reports on our story.


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