• Hell Hounds: The Five Worst Dog Breeds To Own.

    May 31, 2012 12:41 am 86 comments
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  • Dogs are amazing creatures. A marvel of God’s grace and a testament to the strength and power of early human’s ability to use God’s grace in order to tame the surroundings they deemed threatening.

    But some people, mostly homogays and thugs, have manipulated these beautiful canines into being symbols of terror and gayhomo intimidation. It is our duty as responsible Christians to educate our fellow Christian brethren and confused non-believers into recognizing which breeds pose a significant threat to harmonious Christian sanctimony.

    Thus, I have compiled a list of the top five dog breeds that are horrible. Horrible in the sense that they are manipulated by gay homos and ethnic thugs into being, dirty, filthy vicious dogs that resemble creatures found in the depths of Hell. Some of these canines could easily be found in the Book of Revelations as soldiers of Satan’s army.

    So what dogs are more susceptible to being influenced by homogays and Negroes to become vicious, diseased attack dogs? Here I will list them and offer some insight.


    (Typical Pit Bull when integrated into society)

    The most dangerous and evil dog breed known to man, these dogs are vicious in temperment and capable of attacking at a moments notice. The dog of choice for drug-using, welfare abusing Negroes and Mexicans, and sadistic, diseased homosexuals, these dogs are notorious for being difficult to control and train, and being more interested in attacking innocent human beings. Their genetics allow them to absorb tremendous amounts of pain while ripping the flesh off of innocent children and Christian believers.

    Michael Vick, a Negro quarterback in the NFL was arrested for owning a dog fighting ring full of vicious pit bulls that were more interested in attacking each other than they were learning to “sit” or “heel.” Because Blacks run the media, Michael Vick was quickly released from prison, in order to play for the awful town of Philadelphia. Some would say that Vick was released from prison just to go back to prison. (Because Philadelphia is a horrible place to live and the birthplace of the American AIDS virus)

    Renowned “bottom” homosexual and “expert” Cesar Milan owns a several flocks of each dog listed on this list. It is no surprise that he immigrated here illegally in order to  spread his blend of homosexuality and bestiality to eager American’s too stupid to recognize S-I-N.

    These dogs are bred to be killers, which make them a threat to Christians, who are advocates for non-violence and Christ’s love. If you are walking your Christian Golden Retriever and happen to stumble upon a herpes-ridden Negro or a diseased homogay walking one of these horrible, sadistic dogs, please contact your local animal control. Chances are the pit bull in question has been starved and tortured in order to increase its killing potential.


    (Exposing the Nazi roots behind this sadistic breed)

    Bred for use in Nazi Germany, these dogs were personal favorites of Adolf Hitler. In fact, it was Hitler’s input to make these dogs merciless killing machines; at his request the dogs were mixed with rabid wolves in order to make them faster, stronger and more evil than normal Christian breeds like Labrador Retrievers.

    Their long snouts house rows of razor-sharp teeth that make them adept at ripping flesh at a rapid fire pace. In Germany, they are officially called “Bosen Satan Jagdhund” which means “Evil Satan Hound.” These dogs were used during the Holocaust to sniff Jews out of their hiding places and rip them to shreds. Hitler’s influence over these dogs has left a bloodthirsty genetic imprint, and thus these dogs are TEN times more likely to kill a family with small children or a elderly Christian couple.

    These dogs are the dogs of choice for sinners with Nazi intentions.


    (It’s widely known that Rottweilers were the inspiration for notorious homosexual serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter)

    Another German dog, these dogs are also known as “Rottweiler MetzgerHunds” because of their desire to butcher and murder anything that crosses its path. With a thick body, strong jaws, and high pain tolerance, these dogs are the “tanks” of the canine world.

    It’s no surprise that Germany has two dogs in the top five, because Germany is a Godless, God-hating country that birthed the Nazi party and inspired a generation of white-trash ignoramuses to shave their heads and sit around cursing God.

    The Rottweilers should be classifed as lethal weapons, because they are so unpredictable and are unwilling to learn any commands.

    These dogs retain their butchers roots, preferring to attack young Christian children on their way to Sunday School. Once a Rottweiler tastes blood, it is unrelentless in its attack, quickly attacking the jugular to in order to alleviate the victim of its mortality.

    More and more homosexuals and gay lesbians are owning these dogs in order to protect themselves from the legions of valiant Christian soldiers who campaign for the Lord in order to rid America of these infected Sodomites.

    AKITAS —

    (Akita flying through the air, pondering life as he searches for his next victim)


    Imported by hedonistic Japanse, these dogs are one of the reasons that the US decided to purge the Japanese mainland of its evil ways through use of JUST and HUMANE Nuclear bombing.

    These dogs were bred during WWII to attack Americans and Chirstians. The Japanese would use these dogs during the Bataan Death March to murder innocent US soldiers. It’s unfortunate that these dogs survived the nuclear bombing, because they are cold-blooded monsters, used by ethnic homogays to injure other people, dogs and property.

    These dogs have been owned by ethnic homogays because the Japanese are far too timid to control these muscular beasts.

    Much like the Japanese, these dogs are like Kamikazes in that they will charge and attack with full ferocity, regardless of the consequences. Thus these dogs are often used by thug Negroes when they want to order a “hit” and eliminate a rival drug dealer with no regards to the cost of human lives or even the dogs.


    (Biting at the ankles of a local Pastor)

    Bred by the savage Mexicans in the dark land of Mexico, these dogs are intended to attack and steal belongings from other people. Due to their dimunitive size, these dogs are able to sneak into homes and retrieve items. This is an advantage to Mexicans, as they are notorious for stealing things and selling them at ten times the profit.

    These dogs are Mexican, so as previously mentioned, it is in their genetic makeup to steal your things. They are trained to immobilize Christians by biting at the ankles, temporarily incapacitating their victims. Once these people are immobilized, the Chihuahuas and their sinful owners steal your belongings, leaving you for dead. 

    These dogs are quick, due to their size. This make it possible for Mexicans to slip them in your windows or under your doors while you sleep at night. Before you know it, half of your belongings are in the back of a U-Haul, ready to be sold by Pedro and Juan in the parking lot of a Mexican grocery store. 

    These dogs are nothing more then pathetic excuses for a dog, and should be eliminated. They are pests. And pests are to be ridden, otherwise beautiful Christian societies cannot flourish.

    There is a reason that Mexico is such a horrible, deplorable place to live. Because of their insistence for breeding Chiuahas, and their admiration for this despicable breed.

    I hope this article has shined light on what type of breeds are “problems” and thus should be avoided. You do not have enough time to wait around and train one of these breeds in the off-chance that it will go against its genetic makeup and maintain a healthy, normal temperament.

    It’s imperative that you consistently call local Animal Control if you see one of your neighbors, co-workers or even Moose lodge members owning one of these dogs if they are unfit to do so. Most of these dogs have negative mindsets and are too dangerous for the general public.

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