• How to Fly First Class for Free

    May 10, 2012 5:31 pm 122 comments
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  • I don’t get a lot of reader emails. Lately it’s usually been who do you support for this or that election, or what is your stance on this issue. But no more than 20 “fan mails” a week. I try to respond to all of them, but this one I thought I would publish.

    Dear August,
    Two weeks ago I saw you at the Sea-Tac airport. I notice you were checking in first class. Do you think it’s appropriate to fly first class? Would it not have been better for you to fly coach and donated the savings to the poor?
    Stacey K (disillusioned)

    Mrs. K,
    Thank you for taking the time to write Stacey. Let me let you into a little secret, I don’t pay to fly. You are correct though, as I average two and a half trips a month, paying for first class would be very fiscally irresponsible. But a friend shared with me a trick a few years ago to get free airline miles, let me share that trick here for you, show the article below to your husband, he can read it and explain it to you.

    H.A. Weisz

    Background information
    In 2005 Congress passed a law requiring the US mint to produce a billion dollars worth of one dollar coins. You know, the ones with the presidents heads on them. These coins seemed like a good idea at the time as we then thought of presidents as great people to admire. However, with our current leader, people don’t see the president as anything special, more like the guy taking your order at taco bell at the mall. So now the government is stuck with a bunch of coins nobody wants.
    To get them in circulation the mint started the direct ship program which allows you to buy coins at face value and they will ship them to you for free.

    How to turn coins into airline miles
    All you need is a credit card with a decent limit and has a favorable mileage plan. Buy coins from the U.S. mint, say $5000 at a time, and use your credit card to pay for them. When they arrive, put them in the bank and then pay off your credit card bill before your grace period expires. And cha-ching, 5000 airline miles. Repeat as often as you wish.
    But don’t be limited to airline miles, some cards can offer other types of travel rewards, fuel discounts, college tuition credits, or even cash back.

    This all assumes you have Caucasian or oriental credit scores. Afro-saxxons and Mexi-saxxons use preloaded secured cards which use a service fee. This plan will not work with those cards.

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