• Is Joss Whedons “The Avengers” Enough to Pay For His Past TV Sins?

    May 8, 2012 8:00 pm 232 comments
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  • As most of the world has learned, this week’s big movie is “The Avengers”.  As I write this the movie has broken a record with a staggering $200.3 million debut this weekend. The figure crushes “Harry Potter” which previously held the three-day record with a measly $169.1 million from last July.

    This should show the world that America is a good wholesome country. We love our American heroes and don’t take crap from anyone. Especially little effeminate British wiccans that teach our children to turn away from Christianity.

    But for me, my only problem with the movie is the director, Joss Whedon. He has been putting filth on the air waves of America, since 1997. For almost two decades this man has been teaching Americas youth to hate America and to turn from what is right. Let’s review his previous TV sins against humanity.

    avengers poster

    Buffy The Vampire Hunter

    Sure it sounds like a good Christian show. What can be more Christian that hunting down and slaughtering the evil beast offspring of Vlad “The Impaler” Tepis and Judas Iscariot? But do not be misled. This evil show took demons and other demonic creatures and tried to humanize them. What can be worse than thinking of a demon as a human being? They are not human they are evil!


    Once again you are misled to believe this might be a good morally upstanding show. But those that tuned into FOX from 1999 through 2004, was accosted by a disgusting sinfest featuring the whore Buffy’s boyfriend, who was a vampire, not an angel as one might be lead to believe.

    Regular viewers of the show were regularly treated to softcore views of this Vlad Dracul impaling countless women with his turgid satanic sin stick. A whole generation suffered irreparable moral harm at the hands of these two shows.

    buffy angel

    Buffy and Angel


    Finally, Whedon turned away from the occult to combine two separate TV genres into what is potentially the worst show in history. This show was so horrible that FOX took it off the air before the first season was even done! That is how bad it was!

    This show took Science fiction and combined it with a Western. It featured a space ship Captain that had a whore girlfriend, a black female 2nd in charge, and a brother and sister escapee from justice. There was also a preacher but he soon lost his faith and was shown as an outlaw in the past. The series showed the crew flying around in space speaking a bunch of Chinese and running from the rightful government, while the prostitute served men around the galaxy.

    Although this show was short lived, it so impacted the lives of Generation X with sin that the show still had a large cult following (emphasis on CULT). In fact, from time to time there are petitions and movements to bring it back to air. For the love of all that’s holy let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


    Doll House

    Finally, the last show that Joss Whedon infected our air waves with was the TV show Doll House. Believe it or not, this show is the worst of his godless shows. It revolves around a young woman that works at a house of prostitution known as The Doll House.  Echo as she is known, is a programmable prostitute. Wealthy clients hire her to be anyone that they want and to take on the traits that they desire. Once again this show was cancelled.

    doll house

    A typical scene from “Doll House”.

    Captain America, is it enough?

    So there you have it. Those are just the TV shows that he has made. He is responsible for many more movies, that he has written. Can one movie about real American heroes make up for his sins that he has visited upon this nation? You be the judge. Of course in time God will judge him properly.

    cap america

    Captain America, dismayed to learn of the studios choice of director for The Avengers.





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