• Justin Bieber Pregnant, Is Boyfriend Usher the Baby Daddy?

    May 5, 2012 12:35 pm 88 comments
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  • For years we have speculated that Justin Bieber is actually a young woman and today those questions are all but answered.  Justin Bieber has been spotted with a baby bump in a home photo.  This leaves the question:  who is the baby daddy?

    To answer this question, we must simply consider the facts of Justin Bieber’s monumental rise to wealth and fame.  Bieber started off as a long necked Canadian with the talent of Vanilla Ice’s pinky finger.  He uploaded videos of himself ‘crooning’ to R & B songs and really, they are not that impressive.

    Yet, the famed rapper Usher took an early interest in this ‘Justina Bieber’.  That is one fact you won’t hear.  Justin’s prefame name was Justina, because Bieber is a woman.

    Usher must have liked Bieber’s curves and squeals, because he lured her to the US with promises of a record deal and fame.

    But after Alanis Morissette, that attitudish ‘Skater Boi’ singer whatever her name is, and Celine Dion, America had enough Canadian singers.  They always torture us with ‘radio songs’ that never go away.  So Usher gave Bieber a buchter lesbian’s haircut and marketed her as a him.  And to this day, this is what I’ve been trying to warn you parents about.

    I warned everyone Justina would get knocked up and her entire rise to fame was just another rapper’s plans to put his sinseed into the womb of another suburban daughter.  No, Bieber will go through the cycles of having tons of kids and probably spending up all her money buying her baby daddy new shoes and pimping out his car, then eventually going on Obamacare.

    You can see in the background of the picture, that a young child that looks like Usher is looking jealous of Bieber’s belly bump.  It’s probably from another relationship.

    I guess congratulations to Justina and Usher.  Hopefully Usher will do the right thing and marry this young woman and make a family.

    Usher and Justina Bieber get hot and sticky on the set of a new show.  Was the post shower session the source of the baby bump?

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