• My Photos from Bother Bruce’s Memorial Day BBQ

    May 29, 2012 9:14 pm 88 comments
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  • I haven’t been on Christwire for very long and I haven’t written that many articles so I was honored when Bruce Danus asked me to his annual Memorial Day Cook out. I was even more honored when Susan asked if I wanted to accompany her on her First class flight. Being a Minister at a growing Atlanta church, I am not as well to do as most Christwire authors.

    Although I was truly in awe I managed to snap a few pictures from the party. Thank goodness for that digital camera that my wife bought me at christmas and my son showing me how to use it. Even more interesting was the after party at one of Bruces night clubs. I am not used to such ostentatious displays but all had fun, although I will pray for the souls of the girls that work at his club.

    Here now are a few of the pictures for those of you that were not able to attend. I hope you enjoy them almost as much as I did the cook out.

    Once again, THANKS BRUCE!

    Bruce BBQ

    Bruce’s Pit Master was indeed a master. They started grilling early so that their would be plenty of food for everyone.


    I am not sure who invited the emosexual but he brought his fat mexican girlfriend as well

    gomez face  stuffer

    Salvia Gomez stuffed herself on all the food she could find. i dont know if she just jumped the fence and is hungry or if she is pregnant.

    lil jon

    I think this was Bruces driver little John.

    militant negro chicken man

    This is my good friend Militant Negro. He loved the chicken wings. Bruce friend them and then dipped them in sauce. MN almost ate half of them all by himself!

    fat girldancer

    One of Bruce’s dancers made it to the cook out as well.

    Susan Xenu

    Here is Susan at the after party at Bruce’s club.

    celestialdeth and LN

    Celestial Deth and L.N.

    Claire Snedecker

    Here claire cries about what she passed up, wishing she hadn’t signed a prenup, and something about dying in childbirth

    Augusts lamborghini parked next to Bruce’s Bentley.

    My wife and I in Bruces expansive back yard

    kanye west

    Khan Yay West a weird black man showed up with his own fish sticks. I didn’t really understand why.



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