• Niki McElroy Teaches White Men How to Get A Black Girl

    May 21, 2012 12:44 pm 13 comments
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  • Author Niki McElroy of ‘A Black Girl’s Guide to Dating White Men’ dishes tips on how white men can date a black women.

    As you may have guessed, back in my college years I was the specimen of physical perfection. My ripping body and hard earned abs were only outdone by my powerful legs, the very legs that lead me to two intramural and IFC football championships during my final two years of study. And even now that I’m aged and my heart has tried to give out on me, I can still lift a fridge over my head and have ladies taking a second peak of my sturdy man rumps.

    Though beauty is only skin deep, women have always lusted for ol’ Abe. I’m a ladies man and it may surprise you, back in my day I dated me a soul sister. It was a nice experience and she was a lovely young woman of God, but her mother was overbearing, loud and disrespectful to me. She didn’t want her daughter ‘dating a white boy’.

    Now I can tell you that black women love a man with a good appetite, treat them with respect and know how to run a tight ship. You still have to stay fit and you have to get along with their mothers. That’s where I could not keep dating the young woman and to this day, women with nasty attitudes bother me. That’s why I wrote my champion article about black womens with nasty attitudes.

    But I digress. Our mahagony friend Niki McElroy has answered a question many readers have already emailed us and wondering about. How do I date a black women?

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