• Obama Divorce Story, Edward Klein’s “The Amateur: Barack Obama In The Whitehouse”

    May 18, 2012 2:26 pm 14 comments
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  • There is a new Obama divorce story hitting the presses and in my opinion, it is petty. A new book written by author Edward Klein apparently contains a portion where it talks about in the year 2000, Obama nearly bankrupted his family after an unsuccessful bid to run for a Chicago based House of Representatives seat. Obama lost to Bobby Rush.

    The story is that apparently Obama ran for the seat against the will of his wife Michelle Obama, who was upset that Obama brushed off her advice for running for the seat. She was also upset because Obama used all the family’s money and left them near penniless. Don’t forget Michelle Obama is a working woman and has a say in her household, yet Obama ignored her words.

    Looking at the nation’s economy, it’s no surprise that Obama could not even responsibly handle his family’s finances. And sure, there is an obligation for a man to listen to his wife. Men and women should be equals in marriage, so shame on Obama for not listening to the wisdom of his wife and not running for government. If Obama had listened to his wife and just settled for being an honorable lawyer, we could being enjoying the rule of President John McCain.

    But in all honestly, it’s just petty. This is not to knock Edward Klein’s book or anything. Just the media response in general to this one is too much. Who cares the Obamas nearly divorced in 2000? The number of Democrats getting divorces over stuff like financial issues has to be over 60%. If anything, the story will make Obama seem more human and natural to the majority of voters.

    When the economy is in the hole, America is threatened with another credit downgrade and the Iranians are bent on building nukes and Israel is determined to stop that at any cost, all in a crucial oil rich region, there is probably something more important to slam Obama on than the ‘Obama divorce story’. All these little stupid attacks against Obama will do nothing but backfire and empower his campaign, because it will make Romney, the GOP SuperPac and such look petty. We have to be smarter than this and keep this election about the issues.

    That’s all I got to say about this.

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