• Obama Launches ‘Emo For Obama’ Reelection Campaign, Black Veil Brides and Skrillex to Help His Cause

    May 1, 2012 2:14 pm 18 comments
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  • President Barack Hussein Obama is going emosexual in efforts to defeat Mitt Romney in the upcoming 2012 presidential elections. The first of Obama’s new campaign posters is black and white, featuring Obama with a very emosexual haircut that’s been popularized by glam rock bands like the Black Veil Brides and Coldplay.

    Image Source - Ron Paul Revere on Facebook

    To win his presidency in 2012, Barack Obama simply catered to the ‘disenfranchised minority and non-working crowds’. Since he has been elected, we’ve seen his voting user base get a chip on their shoulders.

    The non-working crowds all of a sudden felt patriotic and that America belonged to them. Obama made them believe in change. They believed that they could change America’s foundation as a hard working nation of God-ordained capitalism. They thought they could change America to a hippie’s utopia of sitting around on street corners, not working, drinking X3 mochas while downloading illegal music online off government sponsored Wi-Fi on government bought cell-phones. Oh, in case you didn’t know, Obama is now giving free cell phones and nearly unlimited data coverage to anyone who doesn’t have a job.

    And while the last 4 years have been disastrous for America, with the emboldened 99% hippies and Obama Mommas running amok, we can only assume it will get worse if Obama’s “Emos for Obama” push reaches the light of day where us normal Americans live, work and eat.

    Men like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul cannot compete with the millions of internet savvy, liberal prone and authority defiant fresh teenagers Obama is seeking to make his new fans.  They go “lalalallala” as they listen to their horrible music, eagerly using their youthful energy to promote whatever cause they think is important.

    Obama knows the emosexuals love homosexuality:  they want men to wear tight leather pants, black make-up and show off shirtless abs earned by long nights of howling at the moon and digging up graves.  Don’t think these vampire cults are not real people:  Sister Susan has revealed their antics time and time again.  With all their dark energy poured into politicking, the Jon Stewart liberals will be as threatening as a prozac toking Jimmy Carter and Koffi Anan teaming up to write a threatening letter about whale’s rights.

    Obama is taking on an ’emosexual’ look to recruit the punk raver Twilight fans who just turned 18 and will be able to vote. With them and their music as his battle call, Obama will bring millions of new voters and free labor to his campaign.

    In elementary school, all it took to for a kid to finagle his way to classroom president was false promises of pizza for every lunch, no homework and Kool-aid flavored water fountains. How many of you received those things?

    That’s right, no one. And if you voted for that kid, you can only blame it on naivete. That kid from your class, he was Obama. His new audience for his pied-piper schemes are these emo fans of Electronic Dance Music bands Black Veil Brides and Skrillex.

    In the following video, we catch Michelle Obama ‘vibing’ to some Skrillex!

    Look at how the eyes of future Americans slowly gloss over, not knowing that under the hypnotic tones of Skrillex’s ‘hip trance dubstep’ genre are the whispered words of Satan. “Vote liberal.” “Trotsky is good.” “Planned Parenthood.” And things like that are tickling the follicles in these children’s ear drums.

    These kids are victim of the Emos for Obama campaign. They may need be old enough to vote now, but when Obama seeks to be Chancellor and invites Hillary Clinton to be his ‘president’ in 2016, these kids will ‘vote’ them straight into office.

    Skrillex and Obama are wub dubbing and mixing beats with the help of Satan. There’s nothing more this threesome wants is an America of dubstep pacified, socialist bearing communism where men slap on all the black they can possible, snort everything snortable and then go out and cause mass anarchy. Is this really the future our forefathers wanted for America? Is this why George Washington froze in the Delaware and Mel Gibson sacrificed his sons to create a Christian nation of peace?

    Let us vote for a Republican, friends. If your child is 18 and tries to vote for Obama, ground them. Let them know that if they are voting for this future America, you will have no choice but to revoke their college tuition. They will cry and complain, but we all know teenagers just don’t think very clearly with all the hormones and poor peer influences. One day, they will understand your wisdom. Let’s protect America from Obama’s “Emohall Pusch”. He wants socialism and he’s going straight to the most anti-social people on Earth to achieve his goals.

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