• ‘One Direction’ uses Facebook to distribute coital invites

    May 20, 2012 4:26 am 164 comments
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  • One Direction (or 1D for their brain-washed fans) is a bisexual British boy band founded for the sole purpose of deflowering and sodomizing our children. Like costumed wolves, they slink through God’s lambs sewing their unholy English seed. As their name suggests, One Direction will stop at nothing to explore the nether regions of your children while telling them how special they are. The band can be seen on their Youtube traveling whimsically around in their ‘bang bus’, prowling for innocence and virtue to feast upon. After luring their victim to their sin wagon and making a B-line for their genitals, One Direction no doubt bathes in the must of their fornication, using it as inspiration for their next rape-tune.

    One Direction brandishing post-orgy grins, smirking about their ill-gotten gains and possibly still high on designer drugs.

    1D obeys Simon Cowell, a double-crossing English serpent and blasphemer who creates “idols” for false worship. After discovering the boys on his British show X-Factor (which stands for the underground sex and drug factories he runs), Cowell used their false sincerity to harvest chastity for profit. During the band’s time singing and selling ecstasy on the X Factor mobile tour, teenage pregnancy and anal trauma rates in England went up more than 70%.  Now they want to come to our country without submitting to STD tests and your daughter will want to go backstage with them. One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ tour begins this spring and they are using ‘social media’ to attract children.  The band has offered free tickets to any young person who invites their friends with Facebook so the spread will be ‘viral’ like an HIV street walker offering free sex. One Direction will court young female fans online so they waste no time, being able to have sex with as many as possible before and after concerts. It is estimated that each member has unprotected sex with as many as 50 underage girls in one night. After these girls become pregnant, they are never sure who the father is because of One Direction’s group sex practices. Without the blame of illegitimate children, these boy-sluts continue to pose as homosexuals and will rape and pillage their way through Christian America (except in California, where they will be met with open arms).

    Simon Cowell along with his angel-faced sex minions

    The Beatles were the last British boy band to come to the USA, which lost us Vietnam, leading to a liberal government until President Reagan (God Bless him!). Even though they all eventually died of AIDS, they left a scar of wonton sex and illicit drug use on our country. Their Woodstock tour led to uncontrolled hippie orgies that lasted for weeks. It was things like the Beatles that made us leave England in the first place! These boy bands target our young girls at the age when they are most fertile and insecure, a combination that can only lead to more abortions and homelessness. They must be stopped! Parents, if you see a young person wearing a One Direction T-shirt or posting on the Internet about the band, tell them there is only one direction they are going; straight to HELL!

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