• Paralyzed Woman Moves Robot With Her Mind, Robot Responds to Brain Control (Video)

    May 18, 2012 1:42 pm 27 comments
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  • This story is simply amazing and fantastic.  A paralyzed woman has successfully moved a robot with only her mind.  In the following video, you will witness a robot that responds to brain control.

    In the United States alone, nearly 260,000 people are living with debilitating spinal cord injuries. When considering conditions such as traumatic brain injuries and strokes, neurological impairment can result in over 1 million disability cases per year. And these figures are for the United States alone.

    Several years ago we did extensive research and interviews of scientists who were embarking on ‘thought controlled mechanics’, that is, using the power of the brain to interact with machine circuitry to cause a television channel to change. The eventual application of the technology would be allowing the human mind to manipulate robotic and mechanical extensions. And the result and use of that applied technology is finally being realized.

    Other reports detail the life of a man who has been fully paralyzed. With a robotic arm, he was able to grasp a ball. Another man, as we initially reported in 2008, was able to move a computer cursor with the power of his mind.

    This technology will help create independence for those affected with injury and also has great application for potential space exploration, rescue and research into areas where humans cannot safely go in body, but now we can go with thought.

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