• Perseverance or insanity? Celebrating L.N’s 4500th Comment of the Year

    May 29, 2012 5:33 pm 173 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)— Two chrisTwire records have been broken in the last 5 days, both by the same user. Our own visitor L.N. made chrisTwire history not only on Friday, but again today. For the first record, on Friday while going on a rant, LN, made his 4428th comment posting post of the year, this post eclipsed the single year record of 4427 comments made by our own long time visitor Claire in the year 2010. And then today hit a milestone with her 4500th post on only the 149th day of the year.

    The comment that put him past Claire was an instant classic, even by L.N. standards:

    “Ya know what, I’m feeling generous, what will it take to get you to stop deleting my posts like a coward? Keep in mind, I’ve got nothing to lose here, it’s how much time you want to waste refreshing the page every 5 seconds to hit the delete button. I’ve got downloads and videos and nothing going on tomorrow to keep me here. You wanna keep this shit up with me? You’re in for the LOOOONG haul.
    I feel like being nice though, so go on, tell me what you want me to do so that you stop delete my posts. This is your last chance dude, and believe me, you do NOT want to get into a war of attrition with me. I will test you.”

    Not the First Record
    Earlier this year L.N shattered another record by more than tripling the number of comments by one individual on a single article. The article Please Help Nominate Brother Bruce Myron Danus for the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal received 157 comments from L.N. alone. Shameful or OCD? You decide.

    How impressive is 4500?
    Considering it tool the previous record holder a full year to reach 4427 posts, L.N doing 4500 in only 149 days is truly amazing.

    That is an average of more than 30 posts a day. Well, 30 does not sound that impressive until you realize that is every day. Day in and day out, month in and month out. Try doing that for 149 days. As always we have some stats to show how much L.N. posts in correlation to the other peoples.

    So far in 2012 2913 different people have taken the time to comment on chrisTwire including the Facebook comments. All of these people have combined for a total of 12,653 comments as of 2:00pm today. L.N. is responsible for over 35% of all chrisTwire comments.

    Here is how it looks for the visually minded people:

    Some shameful stats
    In that time L.N. has used some awful language.
    He has used a derivate of “make me a sandwich” 142 times
    Said the B word 162 times.
    Said the N word 3 times
    Called someone a racist 345 times
    Asked 1323 questions.

    Who is L.N.?
    This is hard to answer. We do know that she feels important enough that she thinks that we should answer her questions. He also spends a lot of time on the computer, so much that it would indicate he is a shut in or may be incarcerated. Either way, he cannot have much of a social life. Last Friday he went off his meds and famously commented “Pick up the phone” during a 50 comment rant that included some real gems. His repetitive postings and need to constantly be heard are like a window into his soul.
    One thing is for sure, L.N. is special.

    Feel free to share some of your favorite L.N. comments below.


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