• Pictures of Super Moon May 5 2012 Tonight, When Is Best Time To Watch Cinco De Mayo Super Moon 2012

    May 6, 2012 12:47 am 30 comments
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  • Mexico City, MexicoArchmexican Priest Jaime Gonzales-Muñoz conspires with Chinese scientists to do Doomsday moon summoning rituals.  The ‘Super Moon May 5 2012 tonight summoning’ as they call it is the latest conspiracy to realize Nostradamus’ prediction that Earth will be destroyed in 2012.

    Pictures of Super Moon 2012 are starting to surface and prove that the Chinese have once again been successful in their annual attempt to crash the moon into America and her allied countries. The Chinese are trying to skip the moon just like a young man and women may skip rocks on a pond during a warm summer night’s eve.

    But the countries the moon hit will be America, Canada, UK, France and Israel. The Super Moon is dangerous and not a part of the moon’s natural cycle. Last year, the Super Moon caused the horrible and tragic tides that caused all the problems in Japan. Last year’s Super Moon was brought on by Kim Jong Il’s Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, a powerful reverse particle accelerator. By causing illudium fusion, the space modulator is thought to be able to attract large objects to Earth. China succeeded in bringing the moon to 450,000 miles of Earth last year, threatening to collide it if America did not give up its NASA program and space ambitions.

    Deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and Chinese officials prepare their terrifying Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, a deadly weapon that was able to cause a Super Moon over Earth and threatened to smash us all unless Washington agreed to retire all NASA’s space shuttles, which the cowardly Obama agreed to do.

    The Chinese threatened to bring the moon within 300,000 miles of Earth, but in 2011 failed to bring it closer than 450,000 miles away.  This urged the Chinese to try again and use extreme measures to get the moon closer.  The Mexicans for years have had some control over the moon through the power of Satanic Mayan rituals.

    Using the old North Korean modulator technology at the Zenith of Mexico’s ultimate holiday, Cinco de Mayo, the Chinese have done the unexpected tonight:  they have summoned the moon within 250,000 miles of Earth, at last count.  This sort of Satanic power is not right.  No telling what sort of demands they made of Obama.  If Reagan were still president, we would be dropping meteorized nukes upon them for this, but Obama has no backbone and does not flex America’s power.

    My friends, the Super Moon took place tonight.   Countries around the world are reporting it so.

    In the great country of France, over the Eiffel Tower of Freedom we built for France after we saved them from English oppression. The Chinese would love nothing more than to wipe out France’s first reminder of being protected by the warm strength of American soldiers.

    Our colleagues at ChristWire New York report the Super Moon there. Look at the new Freedom Tower and notice how the Chinese are making the moon look really big behind all our monuments to American peace and prosperity.

    The Super Moon 2012 is seen hovering over the Gay Bay of San Francisco. At first glance, you would think God was tossing the moon to scare the gays into repenting, but it’s not so my friends. This is Satan trying to terrify us Americans! Look at how the Golden Gay Bridge teeters and totters as the Moon’s gravitational forces cause the tides to go crazy and electromagnetism to go haywire! All that stuff is Satan’s science and not of God!

    In this image, the Chinese have made the Super Moon red with communism! In the foreground you can see Seal Team 6 has evacuated President Obama and key Congressional members as the Chinese controlled moon is gravitating by the power of Communist sulfur red commie pinko Satan science! With the chants of the Mexican priest giving the Chinese technology more evil power, the moon is just getting to close for comfort.

    Here the Super Moon shines with Chinese yellow over the Cuban country of Florida.

    Left to Right – Black Ravens fly over the Pope’s Castle in The Vatican.  The black ravens over the castle was prophesied years ago, that at the gules of Midnight and the Twilight of Satan’s slumber, shall the chime that awakes the Great Sleeping Dragon (China) be heard.  The Vatican has yet to release official prayers against this Chinese tyranny.  Image 2:  Another shot of Super Moon hovering over the holy catholic relics in the Vatican.  Picture #3: Chinese direct the Super Moon behind America’s holiest relic, the statue of liberty.  Picture 4:  The Chinese position the Super Moon behind the birthplace of modern democracy, Rome.

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