• Rachel Maddow Complains Women Get Paid Less Than Men, Despite Blanche Beecham’s Proof of Why

    May 1, 2012 12:08 pm 22 comments
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  • Loudmouth liberal Rachel Maddow recognizes the brilliance of ChristWire’s journalism but still cannot resist trying to cry and complain about the facts of reality we present.

    One week ago, ChristWire journalist Blanche Beecham proved with 51 reasons why women get paid less than men. If women are getting paid less than men, it’s only reasonable that they are being paid less because they cannot work as good.

    If women continue to demand that they get hired to do jobs like doctor, lawyer, firefighter or newscaster, they should not cry when they cannot hold up to the competition. What employer wants to be stuck with a woman who is sick for 1/4th of the month (1/3rd in February), is always at risk of taking a sick maternity leave because she could not keep her legs closed and wants everyone else to pay for it and is generally just not as stable and easy as having a good, solid male in the frontlines? None.

    Science: Women cannot do the same work as men. This chart proves that no matter how menial and expert the job, customers and employers know a man deserves to be paid more. Harder worker equals higher pay. If women cannot hang with the big dogs, they need to walk back over the porch, through the living room and stick to their profession as dinner cooker in the kitchen.

    But due to liberal law, employers have to hire X amount of women for a job. And guess what? If an employee cannot do the same work as the person who is the best, they deserve to get the low end of the payscale. And that’s all that’s going on here.

    Women cannot complain that they do not have equal opportunity. Laws are so twisted in favor of women, that now over 60% of people in college are women. Only 40% are men. And even with getting all the grants and loans for college, being given every opportunity to unfairly compete, women are still getting paid less than uneducated men who can get the same job through hard work, street earned smarts and determination. You don’t see men using “Death of a Salesman” excuses. They are just working harder to compete and if women cannot keep up, maybe the kitchen is the better place for them.

    The chicken squawks:

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