• SWAT Secret Weapon Recon Scout Robot Will Help Make America Safer

    May 3, 2012 9:58 am 12 comments
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  • As America continually grows as a more dangerous place, we need to enable our police to have better weapons in which to protect us.  The National Police Force Initiative, launched by President George W. Bush after 9/11, has annoucned a SWAT Secret Weapon Robot upgrade that will send all our favorite criminals running in terror and panic.

    The new devices are called Human Protecting Intelligence, or HPI for short.  They are the second generation in a series of robots in the Recon Scout program.  Their primary mission is to hunt out and profile those who may be America’s scariest lurkers:  latent terrorists, sneaking illegal Mexicans, sashaying homogays scoping for men and the classic prowling blacks in East LA. 

    All of these things can get pretty scary for SWAT teams, and now with these Tazer enabled and camera wielding robots, SWAT teams no longer have to go blind into dangerous situations.

    The first generation of the Recon Scout Robot was simply a dumbell-shaped camera robot that was rolled, thrown or dropped into a room or area of suspected danger.  The new units can walk on their own or by remote control, can ‘transform’ into the classic First Generation release shape and still boast a small size.

    “(The recon scout is) the size of a beer can with a wheel on each end, and a TV camera peering out. The Recon Scout is light enough in weight for a non-athlete to throw into a third-floor window, yet survives repeated 30-foot drops onto concrete. The associated wireless hand-held controller has a joystick to drive and steer the unit, and a TV screen to show what the camera in the unit sees. The units allow users to send in “eyes” where it’s not safe for people to go.”

    Here’s a video showing the primitive version of the weapon in use.  The HPI versions are expected to be in full use by 2014, though Democrats are threatening to cut the production budget.

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