• The Occupy Movement: Dirty Homosexual Domestic Terrorists.

    May 22, 2012 1:22 pm 46 comments
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  • Here in my beautiful hometown Chicago, I am blessed with many things. An active church body. A beautiful place to worship. Unruly blacks and hispanics seperated from me by geographic location.

    But as of late, a new queer presence has raised its head in my town. And that is of the “Occupiers” — a group of homosexual-loving college aged students who flaunt their liberal arts degrees and desire to remain unemployed in order to have gay “felching” parties with their dirty, herpes covered comrades.

    Instead of having a solid idelogical background and any sort of semblance in what they hope to accomplish, these hacky-sack playing gay homosexual’s have terrorized major metropolitan locations in order to blurt their twisted message of gay acceptance and lax moral codes into unsuspecting television cameras.



    Go to any “Occupy” campsight and what you will see will HORRIFY you — dreadlocked women in the “Rastafarian” style (Rastafarian’s are notorious drug users and horrible human beings) giving “hand jibbers” to other “butch dykes.” Stoned men high on “pot marijuana” participating in “greek style” sexual exploits with other men. Usually that sort of carnal filth is reserved for the depraved, disease-filled area known as “Boystown,” but in these “Occupy” sites, the sexual perversion reigns supreme.

    Ask four different “Occupiers” what they hope to accomplish and you will get four different, yet equally stupid answers. It makes me sad to see fair-complexioned youths protesting inequality in America, especially when they have been set up for success at a very early age.
    Did they not know that their “Photo Lighting” degrees and “Arts” certifications were nothing more than a ploy by liberal universites to suck off all the money that these students had? Surely they didn’t think that people would actually PAY them for their ability to take photos, or reward their courage to obtain an “English” degree.

    For the “Occupiers” I have just a few words for you. One, being that Jesus loves you and you can wash your sins away by bathing in his Holy blood. Two, all of you vagabonds should “occupy” a shower. Three, your disgusting sexual habits and practices and orientations are a disgrace to this country before the eyes of God and you should be punished to the fullest extent of the law; subjected to internment camps and intense electro-shock therapy in order to alleviate the secular homosexual influences and desries you may unfortunatley have.

    You can pray the gay away.

    You don’t have to succumb to the gay homosexual disease. Put away your jazz records, marijuana and eliminate all African and Hispanic influences from your life. Those are what’s really causing you to be so eager to “bottom” and do nothing but flap your gums and promote your horrible punk rock music like Anti-Flags that is hypocritical in nature (Down with capitalism! After you buy our CD at Best Buy).


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