• The Sex-Chip, Male Sex-Pigs… Making Women Obsolete Since 2009

    May 22, 2012 1:29 pm 86 comments
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  • By Annabelle Koch

    <chris†wire> As a conservative woman of Christian morals and values I find it alarming that at the beginning of the 21st century we are seeing a new industry emerge that is anti-woman, anti-family and anti-Christian. With the introduction of the “Sex-Chip” in 2009 hi-tech computer and robotic technologies have merged in an effort to make women obsolete with the latest creation of computer programmed robotic sex companions intended to replace women in marriage and in the home.

    And ladies this is something you don’t want to lightly dismiss as the latest college campus fad, or the latest thing in blow-up sex dolls. Today’s hi-tech mechanical robo-sluts cannot compare to that pocket pussy your son got caught with in school or that homemade sex-doll your brother kept hid in the basement from mom and dad.

    Common Homemade Sex Doll for Male Teens

    Prostitution is often referred to as the oldest profession in the world but prostitution only exists because deviant non-Christian men are willing to pay for a short sexual encounter with a stranger without the burden of responsibility or commitment. But in recent years sex industry workers (whores) have complained that business is down. At first the lull in business was attributed to the unstable economy, but today the blame has aptly shifted to the primitive idol worshipping heathen Japanese.

    Dirty Jap Robo-Skanks

    In 2009 the Godless Imperial Japanese unrestrained by Christian morals or values introduced the Sex Chip designed by ®Sin-Tech Advanced Technologies Corporation of Japan. This evil computer chip was originally sold as an upgrade for these sex-bots to replace the manufacturer’s original programming chip which offered the customer fewer options. Today they have become the standard in most American and Japanese manufactured sex-bots since 2010.

    Installing the Sex Chip in these masturbation aids will make the sex-bots more aggressive according to Sin-Tech’s president and CEO, Hiro Takahashi. The new chip is designed to imitate sexual orgasm, pelvic thrust, including realistic twisting, throbbing, pulsating and squirting action which are available in either male or female bots, Takahashi added. This computer chip is designed to be installed in the latest hi-tech life sized computerized robot companions designed to perform on-demand sexual acts at the consumers behest.

    Paraphilia Cases Rise Sharply in US
    But recent controversy over these vivacious robotic sluts has arisen within the mental health community and among religious groups in the US. Dr. Robert Bashir, MD, with the Center for Psychological Disorders (CPD) in Miami said, “We began seeing a spike in the number of American men diagnosed with the psychological disorder Paraphilia in 2010. In 2011 the number of men diagnosed was almost twice as many as the year before. It was determined the majority of new Paraphilia cases we were seeing overwhelmingly was attributed to men who’d purchased one of these inter-active realistic looking sex robots within the past year.”

    The American Journal of Psychiatry describes Paraphilia as a “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors generally involving non-human objects.” Dr. Bashir explained that the latest hi-tech bots include limited AI (Artificial Intelligence) functions that allow the bots to respond to touch, engage in conversation with their owners and inter-act with others living in the home.

    US Made Boy-Toy Dolls Start at $5299

    Bashir said, “They look so much like a real person and with their enhanced AI capabilities that allows them to inter-act in conversation many of our patients have opted out of marriage and family life in order to carry on a fantasy relationship with their bots.”
    And these expensive sex-toys are not something men are shy about many take their bots out in public, spend a romantic day at the beach or enjoy a night out on the town with them.

    Heathen Men No Longer Hide Their Shame & Go Public With Their Sin

    A Couple Enjoy a Day at the Beach

    Statistics compiled by the Christian Morals & Ethics Committee of America seem to support Dr. Bashir’s conclusion. Roughly 97.4% of US consumers who purchased these costly hi-tech sin-slit masturbation-aids are men; 67.7% of these Godless penile self-abusers became separated from their wives within a year, with 46% filing for divorce within 18 months. Of the US cases studied the majority of men who purchased these robo-sluts were diagnosed with Paraphilia within three years.

    A Christian Woman’s Perspective
    Sadly ladies this perversion of engineering is a wake-up call to women everywhere. Prior to the 1970s men and women lived much more closely by the laws of God. The Holy Scriptures have always provided mankind with the necessary rules and knowledge to coexist peacefully in the world while providing for all our needs.

    Roles for men and women are clearly defined in Scripture. Men serve as the bread winner, provider and protector. Women are responsible for cleaning, cooking, laundry and child rearing. When a man and woman married back then it was for life and with the sacred blessing of marriage (always between man and woman) couples engage in sexual congress in order to procreate as the Bible tells us.

    Frankly men don’t need women any longer to fulfill their most primitive animalistic base urges. So girls what do we have to offer men? Today’s 21st century hipster woman works outside the home and by breaking the natural order of God’s law young women today simply don’t clean their homes, they don’t raise their children, and if their life depended on it most haven’t got a clue how to boil water, toast bread or cook a hot dog.

    A Typical Heathen Man’s Idea of What Makes Women Attractive

    The Big Johnson Male Sex Doll Sells for $3999

    Instead women have turned away from God often to pursue educational opportunities in order to compete in the workplace for positions customarily held by men. God’s natural order is for men and women to marry cohabitate and reproduce in order to bring the next generation of God-fearing Christians into the world.

    Breaking from traditional Christian values and the true wisdom of Scripture has coincided with the sharp decline seen in fellowship and church attendance over the past 40 years. And this departure from Scripture and the blurring of gender roles has resulted in mankind falling away from God; the end result is the world we live in today one in chaos, war, corruption, sin and crime.

    Girls don’t get caught up in the denial game; don’t think your non-believer sex-pig of a man wouldn’t replace you in a second especially if your high maintenance. Robo-whores don’t require approval from a man, they’re not needy, not whiny, they make no demands for his time or attention and they don’t do all the irritating little things that your man already hates about you.

    The Heathen Penis
    For you naysayers or those of you who want proof you’ll find your proof with the penis itself. When you mix the male penis with testosterone and combine the two in any man not of Christian faith who’s not properly restrained by the laws of God, then what you’ve got is a dangerous and volatile mix of wickedness and sin that quite often is manifested through violent sex crimes against women, children and occasionally road-kill!

    Ladies this is why Christian men make good husbands and providers. Christian men would never entertain the notion of engaging in flagrante delicto with a machine. But leave a secular man alone in a room by himself for five minutes and he’s already flogging Hector and making Jesus cry!

    The Modern Sex-Doll is Just Part of the Family

    And consider this, had men had this option several decades ago I wonder how many marriages would’ve never taken place, how many children would’ve never been born, and how many families would’ve never existed?

    Evidence of the fall of man from God’s holy grace is easily observed in how men have incorporated these satanic devices into their everyday lives. No longer do men shamefully hide their sex-dolls or bots in the closet away from prying eyes. Men have come up with unconscionable uses for these perverted machines.

    Of course you’ll never see this news on Godless liberal American media sources such as FOX, ABC, NBC, Rush Limbaugh or CBS. In order to get this kind of accurate hard-hitting news one must turn away from American TV and Radio and look to Christian media source like chris†wire for truth in media.

    The Unconscionable
    To understand just how far the world has fallen away from God all one has to do is to look at what heathen men have shamelessly come up with to introduce the perversion and vice of these sex-dolls / machines into our daily lives.

    The Russian Special Olympics of 2011:
    Last year during the Russian Special Olympics government officials introduced a new white-water rafting event which they made mandatory for all handicapped “special” competitors. It was overwhelmingly popular with the unsuspecting mentally challenged competitors and with the Russian people. The Godless Russians required these special competitors to use cheap blow up sex dolls as rafts! And if that isn’t bad enough the Russian media failed to inform the public that out of the scores of rafting competitors roughly 75% had never learned how to swim. The fatality rate for this event was 61%!

    Russian Special Olympics 2011

    Down Syndrome Competitor Goes Under as Sex-Doll Laughs

    Russian Special Olympics Sees Stiff Competition

    Thousands of Russians Gather to Watch the Drowning Spectacle Last Year

    European Roadside Rest-Stops Offer Self-Service Pay-As-You-Go Service Centers
    It’s catching on in European nations; several roadside rest stops in France, and England
    have been equipped with Service Centers for the motoring public which include pay as you go “tension relief.” The concept is supposedly to help motorist remain alert while driving long distances.

    European Gay-Friendly Roadside Rest Stop Self Service Centers

    European Hetro-Friendly Rest Stop Self Service Center

    US Introduces Celebrity-Fantasy Sex Partners
    The US has become the first country to market celebrity dolls and bots. For men who’d like nothing more than to stick it to Miley Cyrus now you can with the Miley Cyrus sex-bot. Godless women and fags we’re certainly not left out. The Obama doll will allow you to carry out your most twisted fantasies with the President. According to the manufacturer of the Obama doll over half of their sales are to heterosexual, or normal men who buy the Presidential doll in order to as one man put it, “ to “Fu@k him back!”

    The Obama Doll is Popular with the Gay & Straight Communities

    What Man Wouldn’t Want to Shove His Beaver-Buster into the Miley Cyrus Bot?

    More Chris†wire Research:
    Chris†wire’s award-winning conservative Christian journalists have covered this story three times since 2009. I am providing the links for our readers so you can read them yourself.

    The Real-Touch Robot Vagina by Jack Gould, January 13, 2009: http://christwire.org/2009/01/science-has-invented-an-artificially-intelligent-real-touch-robot-vagina/

    The Japanese have announced they have created the world’s first sex machine, the Roxxxy Robot by Brother Abe, in 2010: http://christwire.org/2010/01/japanese-create-worlds-first-sex-roxxxy-robot/

    Japan’s Latest “Sin-Tech” Technology Floods US Markets inside Child-Predator Rape Dolls! By Brother Johnathan Bane, March 3, 2012:

    This last link is to a 3:05 video on YouTube that shows how American Sex-bots are made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q64a3jCBsdc&feature=fvwrel

    For more Christian news and the latest conservative Christian feature articles bookmark chris†wire now

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