• The Trayvoning Trend: The New Planking

    May 20, 2012 10:49 pm 141 comments
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  • A year ago Brother Van Winkle alerted us to the terror trend of planking that was running through our children like syphilis. The article Is Your Child at Risk of Being Planked?  Told us what the trend was and why it was dangerous, but a new trend is descending upon Americas youth.

    Months ago a mexican Jew shot a young teen black in their Florida nieghborhood. Zimmerman thought the black teen that was dressed only in a hoodie, was a robber that had victimized several local houses. But now many teens are taking this incident and turning it into a new social media picture trend. They will take pictures of their selves on the ground wearing a hoodie, with a Ice T in one hand and a sack of skittles in the other. 

    Here are some of those pictures:

    trayvoning 1

    trayvoning 2

    trayvon 4

    In related News:
    A Virginia Beach, Va. business entrepreneur has sold out of gun range targets that showed a faceless, hood-clad figure holding an iced tea and a bag of Skittles meant to look like Trayvon Martin. The selling of these targets have had many liberals up in arms and all offended and in a huff. 

    “The response is overwhelming,” the seller told Orlando’s WKMG news team over e-mail. “I sold out in two days.” The station did not identify the seller, and said it found the ad on popular GunBroker firearms auctioning website.

    trayvon target

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