• The Woman Known as “Butt-Plug Annie” in the LGBT World Speaks Out…

    May 11, 2012 8:57 pm 129 comments
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    The Scene in Front of Lincoln, NE City Hall

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chris†wire> In the dark seedy twisted semen-drenched world of the LGBT community where back alley hook-ups are as common as back door action, where the omnipresent stench of scented lubricants and feces is inescapable and where child rapist lurk I was shocked to learn that these contemptible lost Godless people had tagged this elderly Christian woman with the sobriquet “Butt-Plug Annie!” How rude!

    I am outraged that they would put such an ugly and unjustified handle on her just for speaking her mind. The video below shows “Annie” (whose true identity is thankfully unknown) addressing the Lincoln, Nebraska city council before they consider passing a protection ordinance for the LGBT community.

    Annie was given her five minutes to speak and I must say she delivered a powerful, deliberate and thoughtful presentation by citing her medical sources and studies to support her position. At the end of her five minutes she respectfully withdrew from the podium with Christian grace.

    After watching that video it was quite apparent to me that this old frail Christian woman had spoken truthfully and her presence filled the city council chambers with the ambiance of true Christian, wisdom, dignity and the spirit of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

    Of course this would’ve been the proper forum for someone from the LGBT community to come forward and be giving their five minutes to retort her if they felt the need to do so, and that I can respect. As citizens of Lincoln I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to speak publicly on any issue before the council. But what happened to this decent God-fearing woman as she departed from city hall was absolutely unconscionable.

    The street scene in front of city hall had perhaps hundreds of rainbow flag wearing homos and their misguided supporters, most holding signs and cheering in support of the ordinance creating a surreal festive atmosphere that instantly turned to rage and hate when Annie exited city hall and walked down the steps to the street.

    The Spectacle in Lincoln Moments Before Annie Left the City Hall

    Annie maintained her Christ-like dignity as she was spat upon, cursed and repeatedly called obscene and offensive slurs. One leather-clad homo shouted “Fu@k you breeder!”
    Another rough looking woman called her a “straight” and did her best to intimidate the older woman.

    She continued quietly on her way down the sidewalk when one man in ass-less chaps ran up to her exposing himself and urinating on her! Several bottles of Rush (a homo aphrodisiac) were hurdled at her by people in the angry and daunting mob. There were no police seen during this ugly display of perversion and criminal misconduct.

    Seeing that mob violence was imminent one man driving a cab offered her a ride home which she accepted; he then escorted her to his cab opening the door as any Christian gentleman would’ve done. Though this poor woman and graceful servant of the Lord was now soaked in semen, urine, feces and had the unholy stench of Rush about her the cabbie still allowed her to sit in his car.

    I don’t know who the cab driver was but after witnessing this disgraceful scene I must say it lifted my heart knowing that God’s servants are out there and he certainly came to this elderly woman in her time of need. If these are the people that the Lincoln, Nebraska city council is considering a protection ordinance for, all I can say is once passed into law who will then protect normal people from those demanding protection!

    I pray the city council acted properly and declared the proposed ordinance a disgrace to Lincoln and its citizens before voting it along with the rest of these vile perverts representing the evil LGBT community down the crapper and into the city’s municipal sewer system where they deserve to be.

    The video of the woman known as “Butt-Plug Annie” as she delivers her prepared speech before Lincoln’s city council…

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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