• What is Attachment Parenting and Why is this Kid Still on the Teat?

    May 10, 2012 12:09 pm 37 comments
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  • This week’s Time Magazine cover on attachment parenting is a disgrace to motherhood. The attachment parenting trend is officially out of control.

    Attachment parenting is just the latest trend in treating children like parasites. Children are not parasites. They are akin to bugs in that they go through various phases of maturity – pupa, larva, teen and adult. But it is important to note that bugs don’t breastfeed for 10 years!

    “Attachment parenting” is a term known only to a small percentage of parents – many mothers learned about attachment-oriented parenting techniques, like breastfeeding, through La Leche League International and books authored by Dr. William and Martha Sears. Other parents sought out the support of Attachment Parenting International when cultural childrearing advice conflicted with their natural parenting instincts. Steadily, Attachment Parenting International grew, now stretching its reach around the globe, and awareness of attachment parenting has blossomed. – Source: www.attachmentparenting.org

    Mothers that adhere to attachment parenting will ‘wear’ the baby in a sling, allow the child to sleep with the parents and seek ‘atunement’ with the child. These mothers are also self righteous goons that will bully and try to humiliate other moms. I know, I’ve been a victim.

    Breast feeding is a beautiful way new mothers can give their child a head start with comfort and nutrition. Women’s bodies are made to breast feed – but only for the first few months of life! Many of these attachment parenting terrorists will try to pressure new mothers through the Le Leche league almost as soon as she gives birth! Some of the propaganda these people provide is simply disgusting.

    In addition to the “ew, ick, gag” factor of this group’s willy-nilly approach to parenting, they are ruining our economy by advocating the shut down of the wet nurse trade. These trend setters in parenting also have an impact on the manufacture and sale of breast pumps. For any mother that has breast fed, the need for a breast pump is clear. When it is time to express, a gal is like ol’ Bessie meandering to the barn – ya gotta get milked. Sometimes the child isn’t hungry at that time, so the gentle humming of the motor is a comfort and pressure reliever. Nothing is more uncomfortable than full milk jugs.

    What this ‘attachment parenting’ trend refuses to recognize is that if everyone embraced this style, day care facilities would shut down and many women would loose jobs. Working women are not a goal of attachment parenting, but blatant man-centric thinking is. Where is the picture of a kid suckling man teats on the cover of Time? I only mention this because the usually screeching caws of the black cloaked feminists should be all over this, but they seem oddly silent.

    As a mom and as a woman, I have been confronted with these idiots in my own family. A certain member (Bridget) who shall remain anonymous, absolutely hounded me to breast feed my kids well into the middle grades. She might feel comfortable having her kids follow her around like piglets after an old mother sow in the school cafeteria, but I am not. And another thing, when a full grown man twists his ankle, whipping out a teat to offer him comfort is not ‘nursing him back to health’. I’ll stick with ice packs and compression to aid my wounded husband, thank you very much.

    I feel sorry for kids that are raised by ‘attachment’ parents, but respect the demand they create for behavioral therapists.

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