• Will Smith Slaps Reporter Who Tries to Give Him Gay Kiss

    May 19, 2012 2:36 pm 19 comments
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  • Just days after Will Smith announced he agreed with President Obama’s stance on gay marriage, a gay reporter tried to kiss the actor at the premier of Men In Black III. Will Smith naturally responded by slapping the man after he kissed him in the mouth.

    Liberal media is already trying to twist this story and make Will Smith look like the villain. Tell me this. Would it be okay for Bill O’Reilly to go and shove his tongue down Jennifer Aniston’s throat. Would everyone stand around and cheer and gently laugh as the Godly Andrew Wilkow planted a wet and wild one on Angelina Jolie, all while Brad Pitt and children calmly watched the happening?

    No, there would be assault charges and investigations. So why is it that if a gay man sneaks up and kisses you on the mouth, that you are the bad guy for giving him a slap. As Will Smith said of the incidence, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

    Will Smith comes down on it with the near wrath of the Almighty.

    The lesson learned here is that it is not okay to just run up and kiss people on the mouth. That’s tantamount to an unwelcome sexual advance. Will Smith had every right to defend himself and respond like he did, just like any woman or man would in that situation, regardless who is forcing a kiss on them.

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