• Atheist Superscientists Conduct Summer Solstice Ritual at Stonehenge

    June 20, 2012 2:45 pm 311 comments
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  • The atheists are again tampering with the supernatural, trying to cause Armageddon to fall upon God’s green Earth.  

    For years atheists have attempted to hunt down any DNA from Christ, so they may clone and recreate the anti-Christ.  Atheists want to harness the power of Christ so they can raise their dead heroes like Carl ‘The Pagan’ Sagan and Adolf Hitler.  There is nothing that would make their cheese curdle more than having a chance to overtake God’s country of America with their veiled Satanic mischief.

    In the country of Stonehenge, France, you can see the atheists have gathered in their ‘Tweet Card’.  The message they have put down is ‘blessed summer Solstice’.

    Atheists try to teach children the ancient Stonhenge monument was built by cavement.  What’s even more bizarre is they claim that ancient aliens helped the cavement lifted these huge pillars into place and taught them the basics about fire and all that jazz.  You know that’s preposterous.

    But what atheists won’t tell you is at this site every year, they say Satanic chants and listen to Halestorm.  And at the point where they claim alients first taught the ancient cavemens to build the first fire, they put a large pot cauldron and put ‘items’ in it they think belong to Christ.  They then use powerful electromagnets to galvanize the DNA, then use the eggs from a virgin lamb to try to create a Christ clone.  Some of the bizarre animals and human clones they’ve produced at these rituals we will show and discuss at a later time.

    What’s odd is that Satan actually helps them.  If you go outside right now, and balance an egg on its pole axis, it will stay balance until the hour of Satan, midnight.  Today Satan uses even his full power to defy gravity and that’s what the word ‘solstice’ means.’  It’s just all really scary these people exist and when America has the ability to run the Earth again when we elect Romney in 2012, the first order of business must be making this atheist religion illegal.

    It’s bad enough that they are allowed to disrespect God, but when you add in all the crimes like sodomy, throwing aborted baby fetus material in their anti-Christ gumbo pot, you know it’s all crimes against decency, Christianity and therefore humanity.

    If you believe your neighbor is atheist and participating in this summer solstice 2012 rituals, please feel free to report them to your local clergy and have a neighborhood meeting on how to kick them from your housing council.

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